Kleese mobility

So I started using Kleese as a joke because he looked so terrible (and there were mistakes in the command menu, which I posted elsewhere). Unfortunately, and because I play with very skilled players, I had time to try and learn how to use him. These are some of my thoughts.

  1. It took me forever to truly understand how the double jump works, that there is actually a type of ammo that supports your ability to do it, and how to actually pull it off. For the most part you are just floating around, and in only one direction. I was able (only once) to turn in air, and I don’t know if I was hit or hit something, or I actually made it happen, but the float, while cool, is incredibly predictable, because once you start floating in a direction, you cannot alter your course until the float ends (or you get the helix upgrade that allows a slam).

Any good player can follow a floating circular target that floats at a steady speed. I’d like to see some ability to turn, even if its at the cost of the fuel that supplies the ability. Any melee character that you may feel you’ve escaped, your basically hoping does just follow your obvious path to your eventual destination, where they continue to wreck you.
Although I did find it funny when rath will do his smash on me, and instead of going up and down, I just stay up and they seem too confused to figure out I’m just floating above.

  1. I would like to see the rifts tweaked a bit, as far as using them in a more constructive manor. The shield regen is super slow at the start (3 seconds) and I find myself just piling a bunch on top of each other so that its every second. However its hard to tweak this without probably making it too strong. Also, when I pick the skill that allows me to make the rifts explode causing damage, it just takes sooooooooo much time to actually cause the explosion that its not a super tactically viable option. The best I could figure is late game after I upgraded to 10 motors instead of just , I would put up a sentry and then barrage it, and (I believe) then it would explode after about a second if no one killed it first.

It would be awesome if the amount of damage you needed to put into them was less so they were more of a threat. It takes too much of my attention to blow one up with just the regular pistol, that someone could either A) Kill me without me fighting back; or B) Kill the rift so it won’t do anything. When you upgrade (mutation for helix 3 I believe) the primary to shoot a laser, it was still taking me 3 charged shots to cause it to explode, which takes about 1.5 seconds per shot, (guessing). So that’s 4.5 seconds in shooting, along with actually casting the rift to begin with, if I didn’t preplan and place it already.

Right now I can survive with Kleese because of two reasons, one being that I play with skilled players who can carry me, and two because no one really uses Kleese so no one is familiar with his movement/skills/damage potential/etc…

Once people realize that unless I am sitting behind cover or on top of all of my rifts (or both which is what I typically do) I get murdered.

Oh, but that upgraded primary attack (helix 3 mutation) Is super deadly, 3 shots fully upgraded thumper turrets, does 300 damage without being a crit hit, just nasty. Also, helix 5 left side, he heals all allies near him for 120, completely passive, you do not even have to think about it, very rewarding. Use it then check your healing given at the end of the game.

Thank you for reading!
Please post your experience with Kleese, or any ideas you have for his play style I should try.

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I have actually had some good success even carrying teams that aren’t great with him. It’s actually my only victory 4 v 5 and all I can say is use his flight to fly in a direction then turn and fire at people in other directions. While your floating you continue in a straight line even if you turn the way your facing so you can do some damage or drop a rift to hurt the team and heal some shields.

Also. The ammo that works for flight is also used by the taser. And that taser destroys shields, will continue to hurt people who stealth and even hurt people while your blinded. If you get the helix that makes it chain to another enemy you completely negate enemy Reynas. The over shields drop like they aren’t even there.

The only other tip I have is to get the helix that allows your rifts to chain together and max out your rifts. Place them in lane and they will push the lane for you in meltdown while you run to join your team. Do the same thing where you see a team fight brewing and they will have to focus your rifts or your team will face roll them. Just be patient and safe until level 3 and then be the most annoying man in battle furniture you can be!

I like how on Incursion you can float from the platform by double thralls up to where the shards are located for the enemy team. I also like how close those shards are to the ledge, with other ranged characters I will often shoot them so they break apart and don’t show up on the enemy minimap anymore.