Kleese needs a nerf or something

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Now people want to say galilea ruins the game but they don’t even mention this guy everyone kleese iv seen has a perfect game and if not the most kills easy comes in second nerf how many rifts he can put down from 3 to 2 just like they did with ambras orbs. His things give him health the along with his team ns heals shields all the team does is get 3 rifts and camps around it and you wont die good luck even killing him with a never ending shield around him and being a support will out duel you easy. I have yet to kill him even with my best character unless I get 3 or more people to attack him. Nerf the number of rifts down to 2 or make them easier to kill they are way to hard to kill as is and when he has all three youll die from the damage before you can get all of them. Its not fun fighting against a support who wont die and can kill you easy and don’t forget if you camp in a room on incursion with him and his rifts.

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I main kleese so I am hesitant to tell you these couple tricks but maybe they will help you. Snipe him, he is a huge target and easy to hit. His sheild is huge but he has no health, if he has a full sheild be careful cause he won’t go down easy, if it’s down finish him! Rifts don’t have a long cooldown but it’s certainly not short. Don’t let him set up a grid and they can’t hide in it. Also, he dies his rifts go down. Focus him and not his teammates in the team fight, also, if he picked a lane just make sure that lane doesn’t score on you and push the opposing lane, if their whole team stays on that side just minimize damage and focus the other side. If he has a grid set up and you go to fight in it you have lost before the fight even started. Kleese is scary but he has several major points to exploit if you have some range to go with your team. Thorn, marquis, isic, they are all good picks to pick off a kleese.

If you have chosen a stealth person don’t expect to escape with stealth, taser will track you and kill you as well as his wards being placed will hurt you through invis

Final tip and prolly the most important, he destroys sheilds so eldrid are the most annoying thing to play against him. Hit him hard and fast and get out before the fight takes too long with and eldrid and his game turns to crap fast.

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And I know you can’t plan for a kleese, but, those people are all viable in team comps anyway so if you have them on your team they can exploit his weak points.

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As a Kleese main, I can tell you that he may need a SLIGHT nerf. However, one v one a kleese and you will win 90% of the time. TBH, i just let everybody else damage the other players and steal the kills with my taser. His energy rifts aren’t that broken and his mortars deal next to no damage.

(Tuba24) #5

I 1v1 all the time! Kite through you happy wards and watch them flail and try to kill you! Anything but marquis that is


I’ve been primarily playing Kleese and I have completely different results.

He’s not bad but I don’t see how anyone is really afraid of him. Rifts are easy to kill, don’t let him have any up. Half the time I just end up putting them behind walls as psuedo support stations to recover shield after popping out to shoot for a bit.

If I put them out offensively someone usually pops them in a few shots. Taser is really the only reliable source of damage he seems to get. His hitbox is monstrous and good GOD I get stuck on EVERYTHING when I walk around.

I love the old geezer but I don’t think he’s anywhere near OP at all.


People want to play every character the same way or fight every character the same way. When that doesn’t work, they conclude the character is weak or overpowered.

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I’ve been playing him and I may have to agree a bit… I think they overdid his damage buff recently, his laser modification for his basic turns it into pretty much the hardest hitting sniper in the game, it just decimates anything you hit with it… it’s kind of ridiculous.

The key to him, like mentioned above, is to blow up his stations. If he doesn’t have at least two, he’s pretty screwed. A single napalm nade from OM can easily shove him and his allies out of pretty much any location… throw in the fact OM can go invis to make sure he gets it done, and he’s basically Kleese cancer.

(Tannerken24) #9

Thanks for the feed back I haven’t run into any since to try out anything you told me. Lol I play a lot of melee character so that was my problem but deande is awesome since she’s ranged as well so she fairs a lot better.

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Kleese is slated to be nerfed though, don’t know how just that he is one of like 4 or 5 getting balance changes in the next week or two, just so you know.

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They’re nerfing the charged laser shot (like I mentioned, it’s ridiculous right now, crits for like 700)
and they’re making it so his taser doesn’t lock on to/stay locked on to camo people.

Personally, I play the crap out of him, and I think these are both right on point, and will bring him in line without making him useless.


What’s the point of nerfing charged laser shot when it takes three second to charge up for full damage? He doesn’t even have zoom function like toby or marquis and I don’t think the projectile is hitscan. It’s much easier to just float and hit consistent headshots with the normal wrist gun while in the air lol.

(https://www.twitch.tv/v0lum3) #13

I hope you’re joking… it’s ridiculously easy to use, hip fired it’s easier to hit headshots with than any “real” sniper, and it does more damage than most of them. plus you can basically counter-snipe every sniper in the game with it, plus your shields. It’s dealing too much damage. If you think the regular attack does anything close to that, you’re crazy.

Case in point:


I probably try this helix again since I hate charging up for my attacks in battleborn, except playing toby. Though does the auto aim really help hit headshots most of the time? I’m playing on pc and people are generally much more twitchier in movement.

(https://www.twitch.tv/v0lum3) #15

It actually kind of hurts it a little with weapons like this, since it’ll “drag” your cursor a bit when you’re close to them. Since the round isn’t hit scan, that just means it tries to put it “right on” them when you may be wanting to lead them a hair. Up close it’s probably helping though, I’m just saying though, if you can put it on someone at all then it’s going to shred them, and a crit is just crazy with it.

Note, that clip wasn’t a crit, just a body shot, and it still hit for just under 400, at level 3, while his regular attack was hitting body for around 40.


Wow I actually tried this in game and it’s insane lol. Max charge does 384 damage on level 3. For a “support” character that is pretty ridiculous since he’s suppose to be like a tf2 engineer with small aoe turrets/dispensers. I also tried toby for comparison, he charges up quicker but does around 300 damage at the same level and needs to land more shots.

However as kleese you can provide all the things in his kit - slows,shield support, area control and healing. But also float in the air and take potshots at the enemy after waiting 3 seconds that deals humongous damage(584 at around level 8)… This is just ridiculous, people would be whining about him more than galilea if he was easier to unlock. I don’t think he should even have this helix.

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lol, yes, yes, they would, but I still have people telling me he’s “no good” lol. Even after they nerf it, I’m sure it’s still going to be well worth the upgrade. I basically think of him as a second “close range” sniper once you hit level 3.

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I have found the opposite to be true. Kleese is super super squishy. He’s a HUGE target, team shots should be easy. The energy rifts only fill his shields, not his health, the rifts are also pretty weak with ranged attacks and go down easily. Kill the rifts, he dies. His chair has health regeneration for nearby players, but none for himself. While peeps may huddle near him, if you pop the rifts, he’s done and they are done with the heals.

Don’t get wrong, I love Kleese in the story, just think he’s weak in the pvp. When even I can reliably pounce a certain character, there’s something wrong with that character, lol.

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I don’t think Isic could beat him now. He was nurfed and now needs his shields because of his lower health. Kleese is a beast at taking down shields.

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Where do you find this information?