Kleese needs a nerf or something

(Tuba24) #21

It’s true, post nerf it’s rough but I would say he is still a solid counter and since that post I would say Montana can also be a counter to kleese

(Demonarcticfox) #22

I found it on a reddit post that had an interview with the devs. I’ll find it and link it for you when I get the chance.

(Puunchbag193) #23

They said they were going to nerf his damage slighty after buffing to much during the beta and do something with the locking on.

Rift health at 700 pretty high probably reduce that to 500. Fix the bug where he can heal the sentry shields.
As for survivabilty he fine hes got a big hitbox and lowest health in the game granted he has bigger shields but he is still the squishes character maybe just behind bennadit but he is small faster and can fly.

(CoryWilhelm) #24

Definitly agree. I got wrecked at the beginning of one game by him.

(Ambralia Claudia Divia) #25

There is no way Kleese’s will survive Montana at the start of the game. No escape and a slow speed. Stuffs up my game when I have deal with Montana T-T.

(Tenishimi) #26

Kleese is fine with his set up the only nerf that needs to happen is that the rifts need to be destroyed alot easier. I would honestly say that about 200-300 health on the rifts would make them easily destroyed by most champs at the moment just the amount of time wasted on destroying rifts he puts down from a mile away are a big enough issue The other nerf might be reducing the range he puts down rifts from but the rift health is honestly the biggest issue. Because if they are camping around the rifts you gotta target those first but just have one or two is like having to kill an entire nother player or be a disadvatange while fighting. but kleese himself doesn’t have any issues that I can see.

(Tuba24) #27

You can get around that by not letting him set up more than 1. The cool down on that ability is long enough that if you don’t sit there and ignore them they won’t stay up. Most people don’t start doing anything about them till I have 2-3 already running in that lane and by then I can keep them up or punish you for trying to take them down but if you don’t let my grid get up its hard to play kleese. The alternative is focus him HARD all game. He is squishy and when he dies so do his wards so kill him and wars problem is solved. Whenever I see a kleese on the enemy team that’s what I say is focus the crap out of him and he falls of fast, eventually he becomes meals on not a heal chair if you shut him down.

(DyadicNull) #29

Indeed. He’s definitely at the top of the tier list right now and most 100s know it. My objective view:
Like Ambra, the ability to auto track a player with a long ranged weapon is ridiculous. The only viable balance for this is for the damage to be lower compared to other characters. Unlike Ambra, kleese’s taser does more damage than it reasonably should, given that he can use it while hovering, and also camped in a cocoon of shield regeneration. To deal with Kleese is to remove his source of regeneration, yet to do that I have to focus on destroying the devices which arguably have the same health as the average minion, whilst he still is able to damage you with no issues. Reduce the health. Reduce the damage. Speaking for the sake of melee characters of course, ranged has no issues. With anyone really.

And the argument of “you just need to know which characters counter him” is invalid. Firstly, there is not a way of knowing what character the other team chooses before a match starts. Secondly, and more importantly, the moment a character has to be countered by a specific character instead of me playing well with the character of my choosing, is the moment that character is imbalanced. With no other character do you have to do that unless they are overpowered.
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(Easplund) #30

Kleese is easily countered by anyone with a gun, which is about half the roster. If your team is all melee people with no ranged capability, then you deserve to lose. This is a team game; pay more attention to team composition.

(DyadicNull) #31

Which I stated, ranged has no issues. With anything. Using that logic they should just delete melee from the game right? But I can’t make anyone else choose differently, nor can I predict when a Kleese will be on the enemy team.

(You know... Ireland.) #32

I disagree with this. You might have a point if there was a character who was impossible to kill without a specific character but here it’s just a question of some characters being a stronger counter than others - like with Pendles. I don’t mind having to make decisions like this before you know exactly what you’re facing. If you did, it would make team comp absurdly easy. Right now it forces you to think hard about your priorities and which characters you most fear. As for not being able to make others choose the right character, of course you can’t choose for them, but working together to create a strong mix is one of the central challenges of playing in pubs. Take that away and the game would be easy and boring.