Kleese needs a nerf

He can cheese with the energy rift oh which by the way has way more health than Tobys shield, you can deploy three of them.

4 by late game but I’ve posted a response to this on several threads of you find the threads in the kleese section about how to counter him.

And? It isn’t a shield. They don’t block damage unless they are physically in the way. Before calling for nerfs, take a little time to understand how it works and how to fight against it.

Don’t worry, kleese is one of like 4 or 5 slated for nerfs in the next week or two.


The turrets have too much health and you can deploy 3 of them.

He is easily the simplest person to counter in the game. I got tired of getting focused all the time as kleese and don’t play him as much anymore cause even when I play really well I still die too muc. Same thing happens to every kleese I see on the other team. “Focus kleese he dies”

He should be limited to having 3 deployed or even two for that matter.

It takes ten seconds for each after the first. If you give him that much time to set up, you pay for it. Take the rifts out (which isn’t difficult) and he is very vulnerable. Limiting the number of rifts isn’t the answer, employing tactics against him is.