Kleese PVP Tips Please!

Ok, so I’ve gotten Ambra up to 15 and almost mastered and I’ve become quite interested in KLEESE after working in close synergy with him in a healing / shields function in many matches.

I’ve got him almost at level 4 so far, and really enjoy his concept, have been getting a fair amount of assists and good defence for my team mates, but I know there is still a lot about him I don’t know and understand about him.

Was hoping some of you kind souls could give me some KLEESE PVP tips as well as augment / mutation tips?

Ok, so my impressions so far:

Very fast movement speed and can really jump, which is cool.

His taser (L2) seems very powerful and great at stripping shields and dealing direct damage to both minions AND other players. Like, to the point that I sometimes wonder what is the point of using his R2 primary Attack?

Can KLEESE ever heal health with his rift generators?

Or only shields until you take that augment where his chair heals nearby allies?

Should I be using his mortars to heal allies shields or slow enemies?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions after I play more with him later tonight, but yeah, thanks in advance for any tips and afvice, guys!

I don’t claim to be an expert, but…

BE CAREFUL when you use his booster jump. Not only does it consume precious chair energy (limiting your taser use) but with his mondo hitbox, a floating Kleese can often be a very dead Kleese.

Range and crits. I’ve never been a big proponent of his Quantum Precision augment, but Kleese’s pew-pew isn’t wholly wasted. Remember, you better have a GOOD reason for leaving your rifts, so withholding the chase-down and taser in favor of just a few pips from the wrist laser is often a good idea.

He can sorta heal himself with them with his Legendary, which heals him when he restores ally shields.

You can do both! I prefer Shiftless Shells to Overloaded Mortars, the latter is honestly too risky of a play for me (but that logic was largely from before Kleese’s health buff – maybe I should try it out again?) but I can see the merit. Kleese doesn’t have a lot of inherent CC, and I like the slowing mortars as an early option to harry players and score taser kills.

Realistically, the Mortars are preferable as offensive weapons. If you heal an ally’s shield with friendly fire, call it a bonus, but I wouldn’t spec for that or deploy the skill for that purpose unless it’s desperate.

Take Rift Network. It’s his bread-and-butter, IMO. There was a recent discussion in another thread how Unstable Rifts just don’t cut it.

Kleese’s Ult is not among the best. Delay, damage is low, so don’t rely on it.

Kleese’s Level 9 Helix choice should be based on how the opposing players are regarding you, and what kind of AoE they’ve been bringing to bear. If they’re taking your rifts like they should, get Healthy Rifts. If you’re holing up in places where you can hide the rifts well and they don’t have a ton of AoE to get them, take Quick Pulse.

It’s much the same with Level 4. If the foes are really active, pushing, pushing, take that Rift Farm. If you have more time to set up, go with Bulk Savings. I’ve never gone with the Expanded Mortar outside PvE. I could see where a Mortar-tossing Kleese with Overloaded Mortars, Expanded Mortars, Tampered Mortars, Brains before Brawn, Geezer Pleaser and Skill Damage gear could be fun. Bursty Kleese!

I’m also at the point where I think the mutation for Extra Chair Energy is probably better than Heal Chair.



Another question I had was:

Should I choose an important / easily defendable Map point and just start setting up multiple rifts and defending there, or should I be moving up the field with my team setting up rifts to support them the way I would drop sunspots with Ambra?

Sorry to be wishy-washy, but it’s situational. Kleese is hella territorial, but he also can’t be a paperweight. He’s not as mobile as Ambra in defending territory, he needs more time to really entrench and lacks her wacky cooldown reduction, but the best advice I can give is to hide at least some of the rifts, and don’t cluster ALL of them where one OM grenade leaves you defenseless.

Remember, rifts don’t need to be able to see you to heal you, you just need to be in their AoE, and rifts behind rocks and pillars are much harder to shoot at range.

As for progression speed, I’d say Ambra is much more fluid, whereas Kleese is station-to-station. It’s on your judgment to know when a station needs to be abandoned, either forwards or backwards.

Do rifts heal health AND shields for KLEESE but only shields for allies?

Or only shields for Kleese also?

no they don’t, but if you complete his lore legendary then when you heal shields via rifts then 10% of that is restored to life as well. and there’s really tons of options to use him with but it changes based on if you’re with a group or not

Yeah I’d advise against double jumping as much as possible because the float of death will usually get you killed.

I’d take the heal augment because it’s still better.

Also learn the cheese spots with his rifts on the windows so you can catch unsuspecting newbs off guard when they jump into a sudden 2k worth of damage fo freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Until they give heal chair a much needed buff, chair energy is the way to go.


Well hopefully his health is reversed and nerfed taser health damage, as of now USE YOUR RIFTS, they are your home, your safety, you one true friend, I go shocking rifts and and rift network, melees be warned of that, overloaded mortars is good because of stupid health buff (it was always good, I suggest it) lastly I’d your good with crits and revert the quantum precision nerfs, get it

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So is everything Kleese does (his jumps, his taser, his main R2 gun) ALL based on his chair energy?

I didn’t even know chair energy existed until this thread.

Where can I see how much I have left?

It’s only the taser and the floaty double jumps that use the chair energy.


Your chair energy is on the left, attached to your health and shield bars. It starts out at a max of 20, can be raised to 30 through a mutation, and is only used for his taser and jump, with his floaty jump using 7 energy.

As for tips, I’d say

  • Try to set up rifts in a place where you an sit near enough to them to fire out while still receiving their benefit and keeping them out of line of site of enemies

  • Keep firing for as long as you can. His wrist cannon can fire infinitely, so make use of that

  • Try to save your taser energy for when enemies get dangerously close, or for when they’re close enough to dying that you think they’ll run soon

  • L2 shields don’t block the taser, so take full advantage of that, because it’s amazing

  • Rifts are great for killing minions, so if you have enough set up to keep you healthy or you don’t think you need them to heal your shield then stick them right in the lane in front of minions. It also helps to spawn them behind an enemy that you plan to attack, because they’re not likely to notice them, and if you get up close to them then the rift will heal you as well as damage the enemy

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If you want to play an attack Kleese (which is sooo easy now with his massive health increase) I use attack speed gear, a health/shield regen item, and his legendary. Increasing attack speed (from what I’ve noticed) uses the same amount of chair energy, but ticks a hell of a lot faster.

Only use the taser and throw down rifts where you’re going, or on enemies your attacking. Get the overshielded mortars for a quick way to heal yourself, slow mortars of course so you can keep up with the people you’re chasing. I never get the exploding rifts even for attack Kleese, because it takes too long for them to blow up and making yourself a little paradise of rifts is much more useful. Take chair energy at lvl 5, and the taser to hit 2 targets. At lvl 10 if you have the mutation for quicker burst on the blackhole take it.

Remember that Kleese is bulky so you will be targeted more, it’s best to pick off players one at a time in incursions or meltdowns. In capture you pretty much just set up base on one point and with your rifts you can hold off at least 2-3 players at once if you’re good enough.

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