Kleese Question-Need Dev Answer Pls

Hi, just recently unlocked Kleese as a playable character. I do find him very fun and since the update this morning his dmg output i believe is in a good place. I do however wish his personal survivability should be a bit higher. Having zero health regeneration hurts alot. Yes he has a high base shield capacity but due to that his total health is lower then most if not all other chars. And the way mechanics work shields in all honesty are pretty worthless, they get blown thru crazy fast, unless you manage to get your 3-4 Rifts up in one location and time it when placed so the 3sec burst happens one after another.

On to my question now, I mainly played Ambra before i unlocked Kleese and the gear loadout used had +healing primary and secondary gear mods for her, Do those same +Healing apply to Kleese Rifts that give out shields instead of actual healing? If not than can we get a new gear mod that does help increase the output of Kleese’s Rifts? Otherwise as people play more and more and aquire more are more higher tier gear, there just won’t be much point in playing Kleese as the output from Ambra and/or Miko will far outshine the others as a support role.

( I don’t include Reyna in this because i believe her ability as a support role thru Overshields is in a good place and is very effective when compared to Kleese)

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I agree, Kleese is way to squishy to be of any use. True, if you set up 4 stations in sync he can be damn good, but guys come on how long does it take till you reach that point… And how often do you die until then. High damage characters like Montana or galilea kill him within 1 or 2 seconds. And his stations are pretty much useless during the most time. They heal like 50 shield every 3 seconds. 50 shield! That wont even stop a single hit or bullet. He might be able to damage now, but if the enemy knows what hes doing you will never get to the point of actually shooting because they kill you before that. And i doubt that Kleese was intended to be a sneaking character. Maybe add an Ambra style overshield or simply more health. Or buff the stations seriously up… 50 shield is not enough. Consider how fast shield disappears in this game.

I think the new hotfix added to Kleese makes him slightly overpowered, if I dare say. He is meant to be a territorial character and he fills that role superbly. If your team understands the value that Kleese can keep them alive by simply staying alive near them and utilizing Chained Rifts, he nearly becomes unstoppable once they start firing at the 33% increased pulse. Not to mention, if there is another support on your team, like Miko, all they have to do is keep Kleese alive essentially. The only times there’s any issue is when you have 3 or more of their team trying to stop Kleese from wrecking havoc. Many times he can just fly out of danger, heal up, and return. Especially for incoming melee attackers. I do think that he can be an easy target for Marquis however, and have even contemplated giving him a smaller hit box. But, then again, leave it to another LLC member to have the capability to exploit Kleese’s weakness.

I agree 100% as his late game is just too strong at the moment and that was before the buffs to him. His burst is just obscene with 4 linked rifts and the taser already did pretty decent damage to begin with. His early game however is pretty weak but with rifts picking just about every assist without you really doing anything he levels just about as fast as the character picking up all the kills.

I would like his damage nerfed a little bit as his role is a support one not an aoe assassin/tank inside of his rifts. If he is able to keep up with a character like El Dragon in damage late game there is problem. “after the nerfs of course”

I just unlocked the Quantum Precision helix and had to laugh as I was using it. 400+ damage after a 1 or 2 second charge on his primary! I was out sniping a clueless Thorn, and sniping fleeing enemies that had no idea what was coming. Definitely needs some adjustment. And honestly that helix is a DPS downgrade overall I think, his main attack is a bit overkill right now.

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The healing buff does apply to the shield restoration.