Kleese, that guy that is kinda bad

So when Kleese was revealed I was very excited to play him, and after many hours of playing I finally unlocked him. I was expecting to have a lot of fun but was very dissapointed. I love his playstyle and I love flying over the battlefield raining death upon my enemies but here’s the problem. I’m raining tickles on the enemy. I get that his autos and his secondary aren’t meant to do a lot of damage and I’m fine with that, but his mortars need a huge buff for how hard they can be to land. I’m not asking for whatever you did to Ambra but please make his mortars do a bit more damage. I shouldn’t be barely denting peoples shields with them. At least make them take down the shields, I would be fine if they worked the same way Reyna’s alt fire worked too. To anyone that does decide to play him in pvp play with a team of friends that you can communicate to cause if not everyone runs past your shield healers and they just become useless.

Played against a Kleese on Incursion, he was by far their most effective player- sitting on their sniper box above the central arena most of the time (with his shield generators stacked down the ramp boosting the team whenever we pushed forward), hitting people with lasers if they tried to come through the chokepoint, or using his chair to go from the central thralls area up to flank us to the sentry there (up the dead end cliffs). He didn’t use the mortars much in combat that I noticed, but he destroyed a lot of towers from range which may have been using that (pure guess, when I was alive I harried him as much as I could so he didn’t have time for that), and got the kill shot on the first sentry. The guy ended the match at like 9-1 plus being a massive boost to their team and preventing a lot of our pushes at their sentry.

So yeah there’s definitely a way to play him if you’re tactical and that player pretty much singlehandedly won the game for that side with Kleese despite being a man down. I’m no slouch but that was definitely one of the top individual players I’ve gone against.

Agree with Brendon, I’ve had some pretty great games with Kleese. The trick is to use your rifts to set up a base camp near your highest damage teammate(Montana is always a good choice). Ping enemies with your laser, use the taser on any bots/ enemies that get close to you. It’s super easy to mow through bots and level up fast. Upgrade to have the tasers arc to multiple enemies as well as have the rifts network. From there, just keep leapfrogging the rifts just far enough so they stay linked in a network. As long as you have at least on aggressive teammate, you can take territory pretty easily. When you exceed the max amount of rifts, the earliest placed rift destroys. Also, gear can help immensely. I rock damage reduction and shield buffs for my build.

Yeah, Kleese is just ridiculously bad. Nothing he does seems to do any noticeable amount of damage at all, he gets shredded like tissue paper, he’s too big for the enemy team to ever miss him, and his shield chargers don’t seem to actually do anything until your shields begin recharging on their own.

He certainly isn’t bad now. Stacking 4 rifts leads to ridiculous shields/damage. On top of that he has a long ranged reliable slow, a great team fight ultimate with a large aoe; he can backdoor by floating over mid thralls, he has decent clear, and an EZ mode close range weapon, (that hits through blocking). Sure he isn’t very good early on, and he is a big, soft target; but he is monster late game when you start building a fortress of rifts, and healing teammates close by.

I main kleese and I assure you he is not bad. In fact, I’m expecting nerfs. Pump up his tazer with extra target and extra damage and you destroy anyone that tries to charge you. Set up a network of rifts for you and your team and you get permashields. My build is this.

  1. Extra dmg
  2. Mortar slow
  3. Extra taser target
  4. Rift network
  5. Aoe heal
  6. +1 rift (or rift cd if you have it at kleese12)
  7. Mortars all at once (removes the channel)
  8. Taser dmg unless they are same level and targeting you hard, get bonus shield.
  9. More rift pulses (healthy rifts if they are focusing rifts, but 9 times out of 10 i get more pulses)
  10. Situational.

The key is being a 3rd row team member. 1st row being melee, 2nd is range tanks, 4th row is full range dps.
Get just close enough to tase them when they get too close. It’s very powerful and very long range. Most melee will die before they retreat far enough. Set up 2 rifts out of sight. Chain 1 or 2 rifts into the enemy.

Kleese is a mad man and a destroyer of world’s. Last 3 incursion i went kill-death-assist 10-2- 21, 9-4-5, 8-2-9. Having a tank/melee or two is essential and a miko or reyna backup is very nice.

Good luck!

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Love Kleese, though I agree the primary use of the mortars is for the slow. The damage is negligible. I wouldn’t mind if they did a little more, but I’m ok with it. I do wish there were a damage upgrade for the stock primary (non-charge laser) somewhere in the helix.

There an OP mortar build that does the hight DMG in seconds in the game

Bad as in bad-ass. I wreck as him and that’s before I get my level 3 mutation. It has some Crazy damage but It can be hard to hit. The only issue I have with him is I can’t cancel his chair glide.

For real, Kleese is not weak. His tazer is wonderful. The fact that hes big is way to make him not op. Yes, thorn and marquis will hurt you. But thats okay. Keeps Kleese humble. Cuz he is a monster. Especially on capture. Me and Galilea mains have held a position from three enemies at once.

One of them kicked the crap out of me the other night, that’s for sure.