Kleese vs. Ambra

Kleese and Ambra, based on their kits, seem to be quite similar. They both a.) have a beam attack that locks onto enemies for some solid dps, b.) have aoe sustain abilities that they can drop but can be destroyed, and c.) have high-damage aoe teamfight ults.

However, in every one of these similarities, Kleese ends up at a disadvantage. His beam attack is really short ranged and doesn’t heal him, nor does using it for extended durations increase its range. Sure, it does extra damage to shields, but 1/5 of the battleborn (Eldrids) can just mostly ignore this.

His aoe sustain, his little shield rift things, are hugely inferior to Sunspots. They have a whopping 27.6 dps, and even that comes as only bursts every 3 seconds, so getting damaged by them is quite unlikely, unlike Ambra’s sunspots which deal 40 dps no matter when the enemy is actually in the aoe. When sustaining, it’s even worse. Kleese’s shield rifts only restore shields, and once again in 3-second intervals, at 83 shield each time, wheras Ambra’s constantly heal for 33 health/sec. This is worse not only in the numbers, but because Eldrid don’t have shields he’s far inferior when there are at least 2 Eldrid on his team, but Ambra doen’t have any of this teamcomp limitation.

And thirdly, their ults. Ambra’s and Kleese’s have the same base damage at 334. Ambra’s gets the advantage of an additional 100 damage over 5 seconds after the ult hits, popping her ult damage higher, but Kleese’s ult at level 5 can actually be superior because of its cc. However, come level 10 and Ambra gets a stun on her ult, while Kleese can give an overshield to allies or blow up his shield rifts and stop his sustain. The overshield could be good in theory, but the allies have to be in the ult, and so probably only melee allies will be able to make use of it.

Finally, it’s also important to note how big Kleese’s model is compared to Ambra’s. Ambra’s actually pretty skinny and can be real tough to hit, wheras Kleese is practically in a car. It’d be fine if he took reduced damage to his chair or something, but he takes full damage on all of his huge model from what I’ve seen. (Also, Ambra gets a get out of jail free shield on top of all of her self-sustain.)

As much as I want to play a cantankerous old man in a badass chair with upgrade names like “Geezer Pleaser”, the Dark Side calls to me. So, I’ll finish this rant with a question: why play Kleese over Ambra?

I really like Kleese compared to Ambra. I actually feel like I’m playing the game and not just looking at people.

Best thing about Kleese is that he has EVERYTHING and crazy potential. Even his Mortar STUN the sentry. That’s a very strong thing. His H5 heal is no joke either so he can do both shield and heal. (and sunspot dies overtime)

He can also be played as a sniper with H3 mutator. He does almost Marquis-tier damage with that.
And blockhole H10 will surely get better with the level 12 mutator to make it pull faster so I just have to level him until I get that.

You can also go fullburst build with him and it does hurt a lot because you can just stack shield and still instamelt a wave with his mortar or even get an easy kill with a blackhole-mortar combo.

Ambra is a lot more straightforward but Kleese has a lot of stuff hidden in his chair.

Actually every player skill that can deal damage will “stun” the sentry, but this can only be done once every few seconds. Even Kleese’s shield amplifiers should do this. And yeah, he is actually a strong healer at the moment due to the chair helix, but he does little support until that point. He’s a stronger aoe support than Ambra honestly which is kinda dumb.

Easiest way to make a roster for a video game is to copy and paste a few characters and change them around,

Whiskey and Oscar (easy clone)
Caldarius and Benedict (They even have similar jumps with the twirl)
Rash, Galilea, (Attack, attack, attack THEN SPIN)
Toby and ISIC (Same model, just moved the rockets around a bit)
probably much more

I know this is completely irrelevant but this is what I thought of when I saw this post

Out of all though battleborn only wf and mike are similar and thats because wfox is the model before mike

Caldarius and Mellka, not Benedict. They both have a machine pistol (with 20 mag) primary and melee secondary (Mellka combo, Caldarius 1-2 swipe), a lunge attack which can be augmented to increase attack speed through helix, skill augments which can propel them backwards, and skills that increase magazine capacity.

There may be more similarities but they play differently, different roles and mechanics. Anyway I’m off topic lol.

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Level 4 and 6 L helix options. Mid-game Kleese becomes a defensive juggernaut, he can lock down a lane on Meltdown by himself or defend a choke point solo for a whole game of Incursion. He’s not nearly as good as Ambra offensively but he’s as good as any at area denial and can be a nuisance to deal with, the worst thing is not knowing whether he’s leading you into a trap when he runs.

In my experience, Kleese and Ghalt can lock down the centre area on Overgrowth and stall out until the game timer runs down while sweeping your minions.