Kleese's Black Hole issue

Not a euphemism, I assure you =P

So I’ve been noticing that when I use his ultimate, rather than pull and hold enemies within the center, it just kind of pulls them and flings them out the other end making it mostly useless. It works ok on Minions but with actual players or Thrulls, unless they are really close to the center when it starts they just get thrown.

It seems the further away from the center they are the further they get thrown the other direction. I don’t know if this is working as intended, but my interpretation of the ability is it pulls in and holds them for the duration of the skill while doing the damage, as it does with minions. Sometimes it’s hard to notice in all the commotion of pvp but start up a private match and give it a shot when you have a more controlled environment to observe.


I’ve noticed this too and agree that seems wonky

Yup, only used him about 3 times because of that, back to level 41 Thorn. :wink:

This plus the fact it takes 3 sec before you can use any other abilities…
These are probably the 2 reasons you don’t see any kleese using his ultimate…

Yeah it’s kinda tough to pull off a black hole / energy mortar combo for his lore also because of this. I’m less worried about the time between abilities than having the ultimate actually work properly. It’s pretty useless in pvp unless the perfect moment arises or you’re just against minions only.

Hopefully they address this =)

HAX!! :wink: At least, I hope you don’t have a level 41 Thorn.

yeah I used some time and his ultimate is funky;

Doesnt do what the description said

…She’s maxed yeah but I’m level 42 with her now. :stuck_out_tongue: