Kleese's Energy Rifts Restore Sentry Shields

Like the title says, Kleese’s Q ability restores ally’s shields, but it’s also working on the sentry’s shields on Incursion, so once he gets the level 4 helix augmentation to link them up, he’s restoring 500 shields to the sentry every 3 seconds. This makes it nearly impossible to push, in a game mode that people are already complaining is very turtle-y. Is this working as intended or going to be fixed in the future?

Only way to negate Marquis cheesing in Incursion ATM :stuck_out_tongue:

It absolutely is not. In 100 games of Incursion, I have only lost one game to Marquis “cheesing.” The only counterplay to the Kleese energy rift is to use a large cooldown AoE ultimate, which your team might not even have, otherwise you have to tank the sentry, the energy rifts, and any turrets the team has in their base just to destroy the energy rifts. You can easily go behind Marquis and knock him off the ledge as any melee character in the game, and you can hook him off the ledge as Shayne&Aurox or Ghalt.

Edit: Also, you’re actually suggesting that the answer to a confirmed exploit is to use another potential exploit?

At the moment yes, that’s what i do if i happen to play Kleese and there’s a marquis shooting my sentry from the stairs. I’ve lost many games because of that, the sniper will take out the shield and after that a couple ranged enemies emerge from the tunnel entrance and destroy the sentry during first 5 minutes. Fun, huh?

I don’t know if it’s supposed to work like that, but unless that sniping position is removed i will continue.

Also, almost any character has a counter (like pushing snipers off the ledge to the center of the map) but it doesn’t make sitting there with just your tiny head visible and shooting ppl and sentiries any more acceptable. Kleese is a damn huge fat squishy egg and when you have him in your sights and he can’t run anywhere fast to hide he’s very much dead. That’s bye bye rifts… And then there’s that if you use your rifts on sentry there’s no damage to the enemies or the minions.

All in all, let’s just see how the developers react to this. Just another piece of this so far broken game.