Kleese's hover chair might need a nerf

Payed an incursion map just a few minutes ago against a pre made team that had several level 100s and two other high levels. Within minutes of the match starting our sentry’s shields were being damage and it took us a minute to figure it out but the enemy Kleese was jumping from their sniper spot and hovering over to ours and just playing those energy rifts right underneath our sentry. As well as the enemy Benedict jumping up on the other side near the mercenary thralls to damage our sentry as well. They did this constantly and before the 5 minute mark our sentry was dead as the Kleese and Bendict were able to constantly jump up on either side. We couldn’t do anything as as soon as we focused them the rest of their team would attack. Great strategy to win I suppose but not very fun at all as they didn’t attack us once really just focused the sentry the entire time and ran as soon as they seen us coming.

At any rate I think changing Kleese’s chair hover might be in order as being readily able to just eat our sentry’s shields with those things by jumping up on sniper ledge then just running away feels pretty broken.

There’s a number of characters that are able to do this fairly easily

Yea, they’ve got several things they still gotta fix. I’m guessing it was Overgrowth?

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I don’t see the issue. They’re not reaching any places you can’t reach even easier. Backdooring is a viable strategy, you have to pay attention to your Sentry icon flashing a ! for damage incoming.


… they were on your sniper perch… and it took you a minute to figure out where he was…



This is a ridiculous post. You call for a nerf because some one figures out a way to tactically attack your Sentry? Be aware of your positioning, The Kleese probably wouldnt have been able to approach if someone was on your perch. Let alone you can kill his Energy Rifts. Or you can even punish him for doing so if you call out to your team and tell them whats going on. Like stated earlier in the thread. A number of characters can do this. And there are a number of ways to deal with this. Figure a way to shut down the play and not call for a nerf. Its super easy. Get more skilled and know what needs done when people do this. Cant cry your way to being good, you train and gain experience.


While kleese his jumping, he moves sloooooow. He is also a huge target. The jump is limited by a secondary stat that is tied to his tazer. No, he doesn’t need a nerf.

Other characters who can backdoor: Benedict, ISIC, thorn, calderius. I’ve heard Montana.

Stealth characters who are good can run through your defensive line. I once had to clear a Deande off back Sentry before first took any damage.

As others have stated, it is a viable tactic, and part of the strategy of this game. Prepare for it, and keep an eye on your sentries and mini map.


At first I read this and thought you were saying he was putting energy rifts on your turret from HIS turret.

For reals. Leave Kleese alone. Hes fine. Hes as good as he should be, and as vulnerable as he is supposed to be.

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The point is, was it an intended tactic for Kleese’s chair to be able to hover over the ground to the point where he is able to go from sniper perch to the other on overgrowth with ease to safely plant those rifts right underneath our sentry so it is super difficult to hit.

You guys act like I’m asking for them to get rid of the character when I’m not. I’m letting the devs know of a potential unintended use of one of their character’s abilities. Cool your jets people.

Ill run a test on this tonight. I dont think he can go purely from perch to perch. A simple AOE would take care of his rift. Im sure Gearbox is not concerned by this at all. It can be managed on the teams part in combat and can be avoided. Specially how long it takes for the rift to damage its area. Whats more annoying other than people that do that and what MArq does is the fact Isic goes into the Thrall exit and just camps Sentry. Someone has to babysit the corner for the majority of the match in my group.

Kleese will likely get some damage nerfs (anyone that plays to a certain level him know he has ridiculous 100-0 potential while being unkillable because he can just stack shield and kill you with it. Gearbox did put him on the list of to-be-nerfed according to the AMA) but hovering on to snipe your sentry isn’t op in anyway because it can easily be reacted to.

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He is being nerfed for the charged laser damage, because it scales too high in an unintended way.
And they’re nerfing his taser from letting it lock on to cloaked enemies.
This will not effect his ability to kill you if you charge into his energy rifts.
They’re not nerfing his overall damage.


He’s still marked as a char who “possibly has too much of everything”.

So just because a part of him got nerfed doesn’t mean they will never look at any other part again.

I like abusing Ambra-Kleese combo but I’m sure that thing is going to be nerfed in the future as well through direct nerf on Kleese. People don’t really have enough AoE to deal with Kleese early turtle and all he’s missing is to have someone heal him and his double support comp will have the most out of all other double-support type.

As of right now, nothing else is scheduled to be nerfed.
I Doubt they will nerf his overall damage though, he already has a rough early game. He’s the best support in the game after 5, but before then he gets bullied.

Are you serious? He can put down one rift every 9 seconds. It is not hard to kill a rift.

Also shield penetration says hi.


Once he gets heal-chair and network, he’s amazing. Before then, he’s poo on a stick.
A good character with an AOE will force him out of his rifts, yes, but once he gets heal-chair it doesn’t matter that much.

Kleese is very, very good in the right hands, but he can certainly be addressed.

Rift has like 600-800 health. It’s not Ambra sunspot level. You put it in your base behind the wall and minion wave melts. No AoE will destroy that early game. You can’t push a Kleese team at level 1 to 5 so his early weakness isn’t an issue because it becomes a “Level and outscale” situation.

Add in Ambra or any other support who can heal early game and the shield penetration idea goes POOF because the team now has the missing healer and after 5, has twice as much healer that the wohle team will regen to full after 5-7 seconds, assuming you can penetrate his shop to begin with.

I mained him in Beta and abused Ambra-Kleese so much. Even after nerfs, it’s still ridiculous. Now, I’m starting to see some premade abusing it and hey, it’s as annoying and strong as pre-nerf Galilea comp. It needs to be toned down and fortunately, Gearbox is looking at Kleese anyway.

Double support comp dominate the game atm so treating Kleese as the only support doesn’t exactly work because in peak comp condition, Kleese has no weakness. This is an issue that’s created from giving a support ability to scale into a burst cc healing support mage. There’s nothing he’s bad at once you fill that only hole of “He can’t heal pre-5”.

And it’s not a teamwork thing either. It’s just “Win from BB select” because your comp will always be far more powerful that other comps.

This is a game design problem ATM, IMO and it’s only a problem because all of the supports also do a lot of damage… but once picks/bans get implemented, no team is going to ever get their hands on Kleese and Ambra.