Kleese's legendary gear

For those who would like to know what kleese’s legendary is all about :

Was just about to unlock this and was pretty curious. Not bad, though strange it requires a specific helix to even function.

Doesn’t seem to charge your shield when it’s at zero. I don’t really find it effective at all since your rifts can already fill up your shield by a lot and the other variants of shield recharge booster is good enough and cheap.

Do you know if healing power affects kleese’s rifts and mortars? And if skill damage does. Also do you know where to find info on the other character specific oranges? I really want to see what Attikus’s does.

Im not sure about that. If you already played Kleese pve, you noticed that you can already heal before lvl 5 when you look at the “healing given” stat.
On the other, it doesnt seem to charge when empty at least for a short time

I would say skill dmg does since there is a bonus on his legendary. I dont know about the healing power, but it works on the lvl 5 helix for sure.

I never looked at the healing given stat as Kleese so I wasn’t aware of this. It could mean that rifts giving shields counts as healing given in that case as I don’t know of any other health giving helixes on Kleese besides healing chair, which would possibly mean it does get effected by the healing gear items. I’ll try to test that out. Shame about the legendary not refilling an empty shield, that makes it very nearly useless.

Looks like the shielding given by energy rift is only effected by +skill damage

I tested this, equipping healing power items does not increase the amount of shields restored