Kleese's legendary

Now I’ve had Kleese’s legendary gear for a bit and I find it to be lack luster as a legendary. It has a decent recharge rate(for mine at least, not sure if anyone’s is the same) at 36 added shield recharge and 3.60% skill damage, but the special trait of the gear is virtually useless in pvp and pve. I mean why would I heal an ally to charge my shield when I can use my rift and recharge for more. I don’t know I would personally prefer it to heal after recharging buts that’s me. I mainly find it useless for the special trait and the fact I have an epic that does the exact same thing except with slightly better stats(for anyone curious: 42 shield recharge rate and 4.20% skill damage).

But if you heal and use a rift at the same time, you recharge even faster.

Plenty of the character legendaries are nigh useless in my opinion. ISIC’s can be useful, but only if you’re taking a crazy amount of ranged damage (if his Aegis breaks Rotating Ward’s cooldown reduces by 6 seconds). With Kleese’s you can set up some rifts and as long as an ally is near them (even if you’re getting attacked while grabbing shards or something) you’ll have shield regen.

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Yes but it realise on me actively healing them and have taken damage, but Kleese I a very squishy character without rifts and can be easily killed even if I’m using the legendary to recharge my shield

Not really Kleese’s rift actually will out recharge the legendary by a mile if you stack them and have the rift-network augmentation

It’s nearly useless for the 1800 legendary price. There are many better legendaries out there.

Kleese does not need +Shield Regen. His Shield Regen is already insane near rifts, which he should be near at almost all times. He benefits more from some +Health Regen and +Shield Capacity.

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