Kleese's Ride of the Battlethrone Lore

(Smalltycs) #1

I’ve run into a specific issue while trying to complete all of Kleese’s lore challenges, and that is the Ride of the Battlethrone challenge where you must play as Kleese on each of the (original) 14 maps. I didn’t play as Kleese around the time that he got buffed before the new maps and modes came out, so when I did eventually play as him it was pretty difficult to keep track of which PvP maps I had already done (I played each of the original 8 story missions as him). His challenge only tells you how many maps you have played on, and does not specify which ones those are.
Now that we have 9 PvP maps (12 if you count the Face-Off maps as being different from Capture) and two entire modes condensed into one versus selection it has become much harder to get into just the original six maps, let alone find out specifically what the last one I need to play is.
It would be great if the challenge was updated to either show the maps that have been completed, or even more favorably to just require you to play on 14 of the now 21 different maps so that luck isn’t nearly as much a factor on this lore as it has become.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #2

I certainly agree. Btw, even worse, there’s somebody here with pics of match history on every base map with him and the lore isn’t completed.

(Skeksis Syl) #3

What I want to know is whether or not the face off maps actually count… I am pretty sure I played temples with him but it was face off. I should have that lore done otherwise

(Accursius13) #4

For anyone missing 1 last map try Coldsnap, that one seems to be the one everyone is missing. It was my last one and a few other players i play with

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(GT: Eldritch Arcana) #5

Yup. I played multiple games on coldsnap with kleese prior to finishing the lore, but coldsnap has to be the last one for it to count.


I finally got mine on temples. It must be a capture mode. Not Face-off. I played temples on face-off immediately before playing capture on the same map.

Bump. Oops sorry.

(Smalltycs) #7

Update: after playing the original PvP maps all over again twice each (thanks Bots Battle), I thought it would be crazy to try the story missions again just as a final check before submitting a ticket to Gearbox. Played through the Algorithm and finally got it. I still think that it needs to be updated, because there are now 9 missions, 8 PvP maps and 5 OPs missions.

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #8

@smalltycs you can use the ops missions as well to make the pvp even less important to this lore(my wife tested this and found it true since I already had Kleese mastered)

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(wisecarver) #9

…Same way I did it, the Mike dlc counts.

(How much time do we have?) #10

Same here. I got some of them in Bots Battle, but story ops closed the deal. Actually rather happy about that - the one original incursion map I hadn’t seen is the one nobody ever chooses!

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(Smalltycs) #11

Good to know that the story ops seem to work as well! I think I had done Attikus’s with Kleese pretty soon after it came out but I didn’t get the credit for it so maybe it has been secretly updated recently.

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