Kleese's Rift Gate's should allow allies to phase through

As the title says, I think Kleese really needs this change. It’s just so frustrating for everyone to not only have Kleese’s huge chair in the way but also his rift gates. Some problem areas like the ramps to the side of the stingers on paradise (for example) are very awkward for him as it’s a place he want’s to be but it can also block you allies retreating or who want to take cover in that spot too. And in general I just don’t see a compelling reason at all to allow rift gates to block allies.

I can see the con though where Kleese can make walls that allies can pass but enemies can’t, implicitly making him stronger at holding places down like the bunkers on Overgrowth but I think that would be a totally fine (and pretty cool). Mass Rift Gates are still vulnerable to AoE so it wouldn’t be that bad if wall Kleese became a thing. Maybe if the change was put in place Gearbox could also make the Riftgates have less HP, shorter radius, or even have enemies phase through too but as they are now it seems hard to justify them blocking allies.

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No, this part of being a good Kleese player, and I have screwed it up plenty of times, believe me.

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Obviously you’ve gotta know what the skill can and can’t do but you’ve got no argument for why it should be this way(no offence). I’m not saying the character is unplayable but it definitely is an issue for everyone, even good Kleese players.

Good Kleese players will use the fact that people can’t move through it as an advantage. I’ve been able to slow enemies from escaping/chasing plenty of times due to this mechanic. Only allowing allies to pass through it (it wouldn’t make sense to anyways) and not enemies wouldn’t be a healthy change to the game.

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Nah, they shouldn’t phase through. It will make them overpowered with free shielding and ability to fall back. I Like it the way they are so they do not get all the benefits of something like that, especially with his augmentations making them a pain in the BUTT!

In short: There should be some risk to every good reward of a augment-able portable shields

Of course I do, and you already made it in your original post. Letting allies move through them is much too strong.

Why is this such a wild idea, of all the things in the game that could be deemed unhealthy; Kleese Rift Gates having this change would be extremely minor on that list. Blocking people is a two-way street with Kleese as it is now, I really don’t see usefull applications for using it to fully block a door since your own team needs to use every path aswell other than for a last ditch block on a enemy you’re chasing. Even putting Rift gates arround the sides of minion waves can be detrimental since your own allied thralls can block your team, making the occasional giant wall your own team can’t pass. The Rift gates themselves are super vulnerable to AoE and there isn’t a way to heal them AFAIK and those with both ranged attack and AoE can keep the Rifts in check. And you can already pass through your own allied minions and no one thinks that’s unnatural or unhealthy and we would probably be pissed if it wasn’t the case.

And on incursion, other chracters are walls in of themselves like Alani or a Miko x Montana where nearly any other character would be pushed back and denied a kill if their prey were behind one of those characters. At least with Rift gates you can throw and O.Mike grenade and they disappear unlike a Montana x Miko who would not even care about most things in the game barring 2 or more AoE ultimates. If this change were put in, in general i’d imagine people would be happy with it rather than groaning about it being imbalanced.

Collision detection in general and the huge characters people have to work with has always been a problem for many players. Of course you can say deal with it (as I do) but with how small and vulnerable Rift Gates are I don’t see much of a loss to the state of balance if you could phase through them. And with this change it would make playing Kleese that much more interesting and dynamic and allow him to put the gates up more aggressively without the draw back of denying a path to allies or constricting an already narrow area like the bunkers on Overgrowth or the side buidings of paradise. And the more aggressive Kleese is the more vulnerable he is which makes this change work out in my mind, and again adding just a smidge more depth to the character.

It’s not perfect when your team is all in one nice little clump in the Rift Gates that could get AoE’d to death. And a lot of characters allow others to fall back effectively already if not better than this theoretical change. Characters such as Miko and Alani that can make most pursuers either leave or die with their sustain and CC’s with relative ease. Alani especially can destroy groups of 2 or 3 people if they’re in a tight space like the Overgrowth bunkers while being harder to hit and more tanky than Kleese and don’t need to spend the time setting up Rift Gates which would take like 20+ seconds to just get 2 of them.

Compared to what? Whisky Foxtrot? Who would Kleese suddenly be better than if he could do this.

I’d actually love a Helix that makes Rifts emit a slowing aura in their radius of influence.

You can replace that awful suicide bomb helix with it. :smiley:

Yea, that Helix choice has to be the goofiest one of all the Battleborn.