Kleese's shock laser ignores raised shield

I was playing Boldur in meltdown and went up against a Kleese. I approached with my shield raised and he started using the Shock laser. I noticed that my shield strength was not depleting even though it was hitting it directly. I was forced to just stun him and get out of there. Is this intended or a slight over-sight?

Neither does Ambras attack that is like taser, they bypass all sheilds like they were AOE and its intended I think. Only way to stop it is break line of sight or cc or wait for chairs energy to run out. It has pretty decent range and will stop you from sprinting so running away straight backwards is not recommended either make sure you juke his line of sight get something between you and him or just kill him fast if you can but good luck if you are in his wards


All non-targeted attacks ignore raised shields, including Ambra’s life drain and void zones (i.e. Thorn’s Blight).

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Yeah, I’ve found this quite handy in PvE for hitting thralls with shields and also guardian enemies with the small hit boxes.


Yes - this lol.

Could have sworn ive had Galileas shield throw stun me (mutiple times) head-on with shield raised

Speaking of which, this is why Kleese absolutely destroys ambra, her OS pops and he just drops her like it never happened lol

Yes this happens often.


The sniper bot things (Deadeye(?)) in Story Missions always seem to shoot me through my shield as well lol.

Doesn’t seem to matter what angle I point it at the incoming projectile… This is true for both Boldur and Galilea.

I tested a handful of skills in private PvP. It appears that the hand-held shields cannot block CC from skills, but they can block the damage if it’s a projectile-based attack.

EX: Galilea throws a shield at a Boldur that has his shield up: He gets stunned AND his shield absorbs the damage it would have done.

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Ugh :confounded: it would figure that a character that seemingly has the answer for everything would have something to be a pain @$$ for the truest Tank in the game as well :unamused:

This essentially means “dont try to Tank against Gally with <60% life because you just might die”. Ive never experienced such a large swing from love upon reveal, to utter disgust for a character in my gaming life. Lol

I know for a fact that held Shields block fetch from Shayne and Aurox when I don’t think that they should

yeah, that doesn’t make sense.

Yeah, Fetch getting blocked by shields is inconsistent, because Ghalt’s chain ignores those.

That shouldn’t be happening. This morning I was trying Kleese and I got one shotted while having completely full health and full shield but i was one shotted by a Normal Verelsee Shulk. Which shouldn’t be that strong. I also feel that Kleese’s Rifts got weaker in health even after i buff them up with the helix they get his like two times and blew up.