Klelvin ult fix please

Anyone else experience an exagerated change in the casting location when cast. Being on ps4 ill cast his ult infront of enemy players yet i find most of the time if im sprinting it will cast directly infront of myself and i think it might jave to do with the rate the spikes actraully appear… ill cast and move my camera and the wall ends up apearing were my camera is pointed 1 to 2 sec after activation
… could this be fixed by making a instantanous appearance. Anyone else have this problem

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The ultimate will automatically shift to avoid clipping through obstacles like the map’s walls, etc. Sometimes this means it shifts to very close to you, as it will never increase the casting range to avoid this.

If you’re moving and aiming it at the same time, you may be casting it right as it bumps up against something that would get in the way.

Thanks for the info :)… i find it happining so often i usaully only cast it 2 or 3 times in extreme cases… could it be unable to cast if it were to clip something instead of adjusting. The wall being ajusted backwards in distance is worse then not being able to cast it at that time due to the fact it works more in favor of ememys and harms your team.

(PS4) I think Kelvin needs some serious polishing, especially his ult. From what I can tell nothing has changed for him since the open beta, which means, in my experience, all of his abilities are clunky as hell to use. His ult specifically I almost never use, the majority of the time it has either no effect (because yes his wall has a dramatic shift in placement) or hinders more than it helps, very very very rarely does it every help. Kelvin is my top 3 favorite battleborn as well :frowning: , and he is very strong, I hope they clean him up :slight_smile: !

In both pve and pvp i find myself only using his ult for the stun +slow, i put it right under the player’s feet. :] Especially since it disappears so quickly, I almost never use it as a shield/block

Can’t say I’ve had TOO much trouble with placement, but once or twice it’ll go wonky. I have a LOT more trouble with Kleese’s ult placement. NEVER goes where I 'm pointing. :confused:

I’ve also noticed it being cast in a different place to where I was aiming at the time, always while moving my aim. Call it in on one point, turn to look at something else, then suddenly see an Ice Wall spawn in front of me.

I only ever use it for blocking team mates on The Sentinel to get them knocked off the platform in that one trap area… I MEAN WHAT

Kelvin’s ult? Casting location issue? I have noooo ideaaa what you mean !

Ok, I probably clicked sooner than what I show. Fact is, the visual clue still shows up for half a sec or so AFTER we clicked, giving the illusion that the Wall do not spawn where we asked it to…