Klesse and mr.front sentry are what ruin battle born for me

Klesse is the most insanely overpowered…well old guy in a floating chair I have ever known seriously though he needs a nerf hard he has the damage output of phobe but with range,my main problem with him is how much he can do, he can heal both shields and health at the same time and I have found that a amateur playing him could probably 1v1 80 percent of the other characters and if a Klesse is camping a spot only 2-3 characters can 1v1 him why gearbox though truly u guys must have brains well maybe not after that 88 percent health buff which honestly gave me my doubts I am just tired of being killed within three seconds by Klesse and the front sentry in incursion,I myself play mellka and while in the middle of claw lunge was sniped twice by that thing in 3.69 seconds


I just started playing Kleese after the last round of balances. I will say they did nerf his heal chair reducing how much health it heals per second by almost 2/3 so if someone is low health, being close to Kleese won’t save them tbh. Kleese 's healthy buff on the other hand was completely unnecessary. 88% lawd!

The only real buff that Kleese got was to his health, which was so low before that he literally couldn’t even peek out from behind cover and the protection of his rifts without dying instantly. Now he can peek out, but if there is a Marquis or Benedict waiting, he is still dead. His damage was actually reduced significantly, as was his healing. If you are playing a melee character and are attacking Kleese in his rift network, then you are dumb and are going to die, but this was true before the update.

But the thing is his dps is higher then most characters in the game and any time Klesse is on the other team he now charges at u becuz he knows he can 1v1 85 percent of the characters in the game he has saved his teammates quite a few times from my experience also I don’t know his exact dps but I would say around 400 with the long range shock taser while orendi has what 136 primary and 111alternate

Also if he is camping I can only see a marquis,Benedict ,and possibly Montana taking him out but l have been afraid to play mellka because he destroys her my problem is his damage output though for a support it is to high I also think his health needs to be put at1100-1250

I love playing Ghalt against Kleese. He so easy to hook and kill it’s hilarious.

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I loved ghalt,yes I know troubling use of past tense he got nerfed at least for me I liked the range because it increased your overall damage my first experience with noticing Kleese is op is when I was playing miko this was pre patch on overgrowth and I see his mortars flying towards me so I drop right my the stinger turret then they follow me right toward the turret and deal 1200 dmg

I don’t know how you are arriving at that, because his cannon does only 40, the same as before the update, and significantly less than Alani, Reyna, and Miko.

And then he says, “Did I just kill a guy in a wheelchair?” Frickin’ hilarious, even though I’m playing Kleese!

Have u seen his shock taser it has ridiculous range and any time I play mellka or orendi he kills me within 4 seconds so the taser is at least 300 per second

I think that the “problem” here is that since Kleese finally has some health, more people are playing him. He is no longer a free kill for anyone and everyone. I don’t think that I saw Kleese played by someone other than me more than 4 times in a match before the update.

The problem here is the dps he has for a support I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Kleese deal 1200 dmg and I am like o ok but then I look at the time he killed me in and my jaw drops when I see it under 4 seconds

That was true before the update, too. It is the only way that he can hurt anyone. But he can really use it only if you stray close to his rift network, and you are alone. Think of Kleese as a big, fat spider, lurking in his web. If you go into his web, you are lunch. If he leaves his web, then he is running a serious risk, because he is a big, easy target. His increase health has enabled his to literally step out of his web, but he can’t go far and can’t stay away for long.

That has to be from his mortars, using a special build where he dumps all of his shields into them. That, too, was the same before the update. It’s a very risky thing to do, and I have never pulled it off successfully.

He can stay out of his “web” but he has two diffrent attacks he has op shock taser which has around 300-400 dps and shock launcher thingy that does 40 per shot my point is him along with a few other characters need a nerf

Man I have like 20 screenshots of his shock taser dealing 1200 damage to me in 3.68 seconds from the one I am looking at right now give me a few hours and I will post them. he is a support he should not have this dps phobe is probally the only character with the same dps and el dragon but that would require his ult Kleese can do this at the push of a button also I bet I could play one game with Kleese and get worthy of song

Kleese’s taser does 160 dps (240 vs shields) according to the battleborn bible, though there is a helix option that boosts it by 25% at level 8, if you want to give up the boost to shields. I haven’t personally measured it from the patch, but after playing him it definitely doesn’t seem to be doing any more damage than usual in PvE.

I was playing yesterday and he ripped right through me while I was playing Reyna in exactly 5.46 seconds at full health

As @easplund mentioned it sounds like his mortars. They have a fairly low base damage (6x22 at level 1) by themselves, but there are also a few helix upgrades for the mortars most notably at level 2 where he loses his shield but all current shield power is added to his mortar, at level 10 he can more than 1k shield.

As @mizzoutx said it was not mortars it was shock taser trust me the battleborn bible doesn’t have it all right