Klesse and mr.front sentry are what ruin battle born for me


Well, consider me skeptical until you post your evidence. Taking him out for testing his damage with tasers was the same as ever and matched the bible, but I am open to the possibility that there is some bug or stealth buff that doubles(triples?) his taser damage against players under certain circumstances.

(Mizzoutx) #22

I cant tell you how many times I have played orendi killed by kleese’s shock taser in under 4 seconds all organic shock tasers nothing else and he was only lvl 2


Out of curiosity, have you played as Kleese and seen his damage numbers first hand? Or is this all just experience from playing against him?

(Mizzoutx) #24

Yea he is how I got worthy of song my third time playing him 27 kills 3 deaths 8 assist 13763 healing given not to mention all pre patch now imagine what I could do now his health is doubled o another thing is back then I had modernersta Heath regen common and shield regen common


I only take that choice in PvE. In PvP I feel like that’s a death sentence.

(Easplund) #26

I don’t usually take it, either. I can’t hit a darn thing with the mortars, so it is a waste. I usually go with the slow mortars, then the Bouncing Balls of Death, and try to spew them all over the place to slow as many people as possible.

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I don’t think you know how “dps” this term works.

To understand, dps means damage per second.
Kleese at level 1 does 40 damage per ping of damage (I.e. When a number pops up) and hits around 3-4 times a second. That is 120 to 160 dps.

Simple math.

Now on to your ridiculous 3k hp gone in 4 point something seconds.

You mentioned evidence. So… Post them. I mean pictures aren’t hard to post.

I will consider your points moot till I see them.

My lvl 10 match level kleese does around 60 dmg with gears per click. That is 180 to 240 dmg per second. Not sure if attack speed gear still affect but I’ll give 260 dmg per second at most.

Next question, do you have NEGATIVE damage reduction gears? If so you’ll gonna receive more damage from everyone.

Next question, when you are dead, press R (on pc) to review the damage numbers and where they come from. AND then take a photo and post it here.

You just saying X amount of damage dealt in Y time which pretty much tells me you’re reading the top numbers above the killer and this number includes everyone’s damage. Unless ofc you dissected the numbers and if so you can say the amount of taser damage dealt together with everyone else’s damage then it’s a good comparison.

YES. That also means damage from your teammates NOT shown in the death screen. If more than 3 people attack you, you only see 3 names. Killer and assist. 5 people can attack you and you still see 3.

So do us all a favour and post a screen shot.

Lastly battleborn Bible uses numbers seen in game. It cant be “wrong” unless you consider the following

  1. gears. Gears can amp damage to a much higher degree.
  2. weakened state from deande.
  3. enemy gal corruption field increasing kleese damage
  4. negative damage reduction gears.
  5. server lag and ping issues that sends out more damage packets of data

All in all, just post a screenie. Saves us the guessing game trouble.

(Mizzoutx) #28

I will post screen shots l8r tonight I am on the road right now but will be home around 8 pm also there are some stuff in battleborn bible that is wrong and I am not talking wrist cannon I am talking taser and trust me I know how the game works i know how to look at the stats of what killed me and what he used to kill me. Also if my screenshots are gone which hopefully they aren’t I will try to recover them or get some more (my system likes to delete stored data) I play on ps4.

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yeah if you have shield gear and take plus shield helix then dumping your shield into mortars does 140+ dps and can do 1000-1500 in one use. If you take +4 mortar balls than you can easily accomplish this. It’s better than almost every ult. The risk is losing your shield, but you do it around your rifts. Especially with bouncy mutation, it is an aoe kill move. But this route also buffs shield heals and makes left choice level one more viable. It’s the only way I play kleese, and very broken. For example, at level 10 with full shield kleese can drain sentry shield from full to less than half with one use of mortar as described above. Try it out. He sure fits the tank role now.

Edit: Side note, void resonator is only gear piece that makes his heal chair viable anymore. +10 Taser ensures kills and is better, especially considering the influx of Ambra play

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the additional mortars divides the shield between the mortars. doesn’t really increase the damage overmuch

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I do not care about the opinions Klees its OP again. xD

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #32

I wish they didn’t nerf his healing, but his damage. I want supports to be able to support. I like playing supports, and the only fun ones to play are now Miko and Reyna. T_T Kleese is one of the most OP chars in the game now.

(Easplund) #33

I don’t see where all of this overpowered sentiment is coming from. All they increased was his health. They decreased his damage. For me, Kleese still has the highest number of deaths per game of all the characters that I play. I still can’t move him out from cover for even a brief time if there is a Marquis or Oscar Mike or Whiskey Foxtrot or any other shooter with good range on the other team. They make very short work of him. Yes, his taser can be nasty to anyone who comes close to him, but it is still a defensive weapon. Do you think that anyone and everyone should be able to just walk up to the old man and pop him one?

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If you die the most as Kleese every game, then you’re playing the character wrong. I only ever die if 3+ people gang up solely to kill me.

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Master of Kleese here. Comments from playing him and fighting him on other team.

I don’t think he’s OP. When fighting him, he’s still a big fat target. When playing as him, Thorn / Marquis still eat me pretty quickly. Shock taser is pretty good, and I always take the +1 target and 25% damage helixes. I can rack up some good kill counts, but TBH most of it is result of teammates…I just get the last hits in.

He does have a Marquis-level impact on the game play though. He’s like a portable foxhole for the team. They can dig in and then trench warfare commences.

That said, I’ve had him mastered for quite some time, and I felt he’s always been great. The extra health is nice, but hasn’t had a tremendous impact on how I play him.

(Easplund) #36

This is exactly my experience with him, although I would add that anyone with a gun kills him pretty quickly. The Oscar Mike twins are really bad, because they are always napalming and carpet bombing me and my rifts, and then killing me when I try to withdraw.

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That’s very true. I watched Ghault destroy today.