Knife Drain Bullet Vamp/Knife Drain Cutpurse possible?

Is a Knife Drain Bullet Vamp/Knife Drain Cutpurse artifact possible in Borderlands 3?

Knife Drain = melee heals a portion of the damage dealt
Bullet Vamp/Cutpurse = melee replenishes ammo

BTW I’m on Xbox and I’ve never seen an artifact named “Cutpurse” but we have “Bullet Vamp” which as far as I can tell is the exact same thing, so this is probably just a name difference between platforms.

i don’t think it’s possible, no. if i’m not mistaken, cutpurse and knife drain are both a prefix? for example, elemental projector victory rush. elemental projector is the prefix and victory rush is the legendary effect.

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True, but both Knife Drain and Cutpurse/Bullet Vamp are non-legendary.

Like I’ve seen XXX Knife Drain and then Knife Drain YYY, meaning Knife Drain can be both a prefix and the actual name of the relic.

So if non-legendary artifacts can basically come in any combination like that, that should mean that Knife Drain Cutpurse/Cutpurse Knife Drain is possible, right?

I think the XXX and YYY are just generic names based on the stats it gives. Take this as an example.

It’s a snowdrift relic, named hasty because of the movement speed increase.

Or this:

Unyielding because of the FFYL time. Both of these also only have 1 relic effect. The legendaries have 2, but the legendaries are effects that only comes on a legendary relic. Exanple, you can’t get a purple deathless.

Cutputse/knife drain are both regular relic effects - you can only have 1 per relic (again, legendaries got 2 because the second is unique)

That make more sense.

Well shucks, looks like I’m going to have to just get one of each and swap them as needed. Would have been nice to use one relic that does both things.

I wish I had that elemental projector :heart_eyes:

borderland 3 used the conventional diablo prefix/ Suffix in names for artifact.

You can only have one prefix and one suffix.

I have been trying to farm a cut pulse deathless with no luck.

it could be! what platform are you on?

Xbox GT Eithos :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Edit : I have the same avatar image on Xbox lol

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ah, i’m not on Xbox unfortunatly

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Bummer! Thanks for the offer though! I’ll be farming tonight, maybe I’ll get something good.

good luck !

Closest is cutpurse otto idol.

Not to get off topic but DANG thank is a nice Elemental Projector…
Mine dose 180% damage but I have to shoot myself in the nuts with whatever element I’m running to get working.
Yours is just flat damage boost…
Edit; I’m sorry I can’t READ!!
Yours is the same my bad…

Good idea. I didn’t think of that. Though I’d prolly go for Knife Drain something something instead and just switch to Bullet Vamp/Cutpurse as needed.