Knights of the Eldrid(ps4) gauging interest

I would like to make a team of players where we just use Eldrid characters unless we don’t have the ones we want and work towards unlocking the ones we want. The purpose of this thread is to gauge interest. FYI I will play either Kelvin or Miko

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I’d be interested mainly so I can get that lore unlock for Boldur but the eldrid are my favorite and go to battleborn.

Thank you Asher. Gotten some psn request and you Asher. My son is Bludrew28. I work in the evenings Tues through Saturday so am on for a couple hours at night and 3ish in the mornings. Will be on a ton Sunday’s and Monday’s however. Feel free to see what I am upto during those times.

Well I’m looking for assistance with thorns lore challenge to play five games with boldur and no one has used him, my psn name is AGuyCalledDill if you wanna add as the eldrid characters are pretty great and I hope to finish most of there lore

if only u were on pc haha i have 4/5 eldrid mastered :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can agree to this only if I use Thorn, she is the only Eldrid I use and the only one I like. I like having the rest on a team, I just don’t like using them.

I don’t really play any Eldrid at the but would like to join for the boldur challenge at the least. I am flexible however and can pick other characters as needed to help people out. PSN is Asweepay

I’m interested i mostly play three of the five Eldrid characters bolder,Mellka and Kelvin don’t enjoy playing as thorn and mike much.

Feel free to add me psn wolfanxian I really enjoy boldur and mellka only really playing other chars cause of lore unlocks and command exp
Still have yet to get the woodsworn lore unlocked

Nuffsi on psn. Main buldur :slight_smile:

PSN: TheWoifOfMibu27- Self proclaimed Mellka Master (just missing punching the darkness smh lol)


Eldrid are probably only my second-favorite faction but I do want to get good enough with every character to at least get their lore challenges.

would love to have help with the Boldur challenge especially.

Mellka and Miko

I like playing mellka and sometimes miko.
Psn: Hir365

Miko is a go to for me and i think i play a pretty nice Thorn. Haven’t gotten around to playing him but I’m pretty sure I’ll like Boldur as well.

PSN: Ven32793

PSN Username is same as my screenname, PsykoMutt. I’m in, though more for funzies than anything. I can play Mellka, Kelvin, Alani, or Miko (Not great at Miko, but I can play if no one else wants to). I haven’t played Boldur much, and snipers aren’t my style, so I can’t do Thorn. I’m open to the idea of the Knights of the Eldrid sort of group on PS4, sort of wish they had some way to allow play groups, but, eh. If you send me a friend request, just put “Knights of Eldrid” or “From Gearbox forum” on the notes or something.

I am really willing for it plus i have friends who would be up for it too add me crowie23

I play bolder and melka and alani looking at trying to get that lore for boldurs for sure. Add me DravenBlood psn

I usually play Alani, but I’m also willing to play Thorn. My PSN is delcynn