Knock up is OP with melee chars, change it to a stun

Topic pretty much covers what I wanted to say. Getting knocked into the air and then having Rath slice away while you bounce around in air unable to do anything is just OP plain and simple. Before you say “gitgud” tell me a legit way to get away while silenced and unable to melee him away . . .
So, can we just change the knock up to a stun. It would allow for Rath to get all of his damage in but it would actually allow a decent player to get away. If you want spin like a top below another player you should have to team up with a Montana or Alani to get them into the air in the first place.

Wonder if it would work if hey we’re to make the top side of Dreadwind bounce you really high. Instead of insta kill that way, it just did 1 tick of damage and bounced you into the air, if he hit you with the side you still took full damage.

Or, it simply bounced you into the air if you were silenced specifically by Rath. This would still remove you from the battle for a short period of time which would be useful (kinda like a stun) but wouldn’t insta kill every time.

They won’t change it to a stun, his level 1 mutation (the superior choice in my opinion) already does that.

Caldarius double jump, kleese floaty chair, toby boosters, Boldur and Galilea shields,

No a stun is MUCH worse than a knockup. During a knockup you can: attack him back with your basic attacks, you can use your melee attack (which will let you push him away) you can use any evasion ability tied to your jump, you can re-activate your off-hand abilities (like the previously mentioned shields) etc.,

During a stun, you can do NONE of that, and meanwhile any enemy on the other team which is able to hit you will also be critting you in the face since you can’t move.

Stuns are still much more powerful than a knockup, and a silence.

The problem you’re having is that you’re disoriented when you get knocked up, which you’ll get used to after playing more. I used to feel like every knockup was the end of the world. It’s not.

And also Benedict double jump, Melka and Thorn quick-melee bounce-back.
And that’s only considering non-skill ability (Silence is an upgrade helix, after all)

So, yeah, lots of character can completely ignore the knockup, it can even help them. So, yeah, a Stun is way worst.

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Oh, quite right, I was just going off the top of my head three of the characters I played yesterday that could kite away from him lol

Peoples rarely expect Melka’s Quick-melee (Which i find awesome)
But i rarely see other Melka players anyway, so… Easy to forget, i guess, hah.

Umm… so you prefer an awkward to hit, two second stun over an almost instantly cast knockup, and silence, followed by a then almost impossible to miss 3 second slow which chains into roughly 5 full seconds of CC?


The Knockup is only useful to set up for Dreadwind, I spec Ratg to not rely only Dreadwind but instead life steal. Using his level 1 and 5 mutation together with his legendary makes his a true DPS tank once he hits level 5 as long as you can hit any target. The Knockup puts the target inline for an easy Dreadwind but hen Rath has to run because he is squishy and a one trick pony, with his stun (which is easy as heck to hit with, most Rath players just play easy mode everything), you can put them in place and heal faster than most enemies can damage.

With this build I once stunned a Gali (during God Gali time) and tanked her, Montana and a stinger turret. Montana died, Gali ran, and the stinger turret went down with ease. Life was at 70ish% at the end.

Your life-steal ability doesn’t reduce if you take the knockup over the stun… I have no clue why you’d equate the stun to “making you tankier” unless you’re referring to the time they’re in it and unable to hit you… however, if you factor in the time in the knockup/silence you just netted yourself a few seconds of most players not being able to hit you reliably, if at all, and if they drop and do start swinging when you slow them, then their DPS is chopped down further from the slow… slower DPS for 5 sec vs no DPS for 2 sec… you’re not saving as much damage as you think.

Buuuuuut, if you don’t take the stun, you get to keep the slow and the knockup-silence as individual skills, you can use the knockup to cancel enemy ults/attacks… you can use it to setup teammates for damage chains (try knocking up someone into an alani bubble) you can use it to peel off of teammates, you can use the slow to escape enemies, or to peel for teammates…

You have MORE utility and more tools, not less. You’re saying you’re building your rath like he’s not a “one trick pony” while you’re taking away 3 tricks and literally turning them into ONE inferior trick.

You’re giving up all of that utility for one 2 second stun which requires you to throw both of the best aspects of both of your abilities individually away to get it… you can no longer knockup anyone… you can no longer slow anyone, and all for 2 seconds of Sliiiightly less DPS? Your abilities are now almost useless singularly, and if you miss either one on the combo, then they’re useless together, whereas if you miss either one normally, you still have a second chance to punish the enemy with the other ability.

Yes if you miss it removes the attacks utility, so don’t miss. It’s not hard d to hit with crossblade once you have some practice with it, the reason I equate Knockup to loss of DPS is because the moment the target hits the ground they can run, while they are in the air they are truely hard to hit. While they are stunned they can’t do anything, additionally it helps immensely with shielded enemies (Gali, ISIC, and so on), because with the Knockup they hit the ground and shield, whereas crossblade deals less damage if they shield but still marks them and the stun still stuns them.

Overall I would take any Rath with Knockup any day with my stun <3

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I am indeed.

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I have to do my chores first, but I got this sweet new hackey sack that you have to check out!

Oh my god that’ll be… Wait a minute, fight, outside sandbox gosh darn it! Don’t you distract me with awesome new hacky sacs!!!

Fight? Nah, I just wanna see you play with the stun and change my mind! No angry rage fight about it! But if you really wanna fight, we can see if we can put together a private and I’ll let you play against my Boldur :wink:

Lol, I was actually kinda curious as to how a 1v1 would work on Battleborn xD
Yeah we will party up so you can take a look.