Known issues after Bloody Harvest update

Hello guys, after downloading the new update i noticed that the flakkers consumption was reduced to 1 per shot. Nowhere did it say that the magazine size was also going to be reduces to 1. Currently all flakkers have a magazine size of 1 and it decreases its effectiveness drastically. Other known issues are regarding Moze, i dont have any other character so the only ones ill be talking about is Moze. So apparently the skill means of destruction is bugged, sometimes it works fine but sometimes i dont regenerate either ammo or grenades at all. There is also a bug with the skill Vampyr, this skill is typically the ones that helps me survive around in Mayhem 3 cause i get to regenrate health. After the update vampyr also not working properly, if i throw a grenade and im damaged my health wont regenerate as before. Decreasing significantly my survivability. Before update i could solo slaughter shaft no problem with my build. After update with all this bugs i cant even complete the first round. Gearbox please fix this.

Edit: @VaultHunter101 actually nowhere does it say that the magazine size will be reduced to 1. I read it twice, unless im blind the only thing it says on the flakker part is ammo consumption will be reduced to 1 but it doesn’t say the magazine size will be reduced

2nd Edit: now this link does send me to the right discussion, i never got to read these patch notes. Thank you for the link and your patience. Is still a bummer really it was my fav gun. Hopefully we see a fix for the grenades not healing, the ones im using is the sticky quasar and yes it doesnt heal me while using the vamoyr skill. Now that was a very important piece of my build and im sure of alot of moze players not just me. Again thanks @VaultHunter101 hopefully we see a fix for the grenade thing

Actually, it’s in the patch notes for the event and accompanying hotfix.

This is also addressed in the patch notes with an update to the original text (at the bottom of the “Road Map” section of the OP). It’s an unintended side effect of correcting an error with certain grenades. I suspect it’s also the reason why Vampyr is off too. As long as you’re using true splash grenades rather than ‘beam’ ones (eg. Quasar and similar) I believe it should still work.

Closing this as there are existing discussion threads in the Moze section (as well as the event patch notes thread.)


It’s a carry-over from the previous hotfix where the Flakker was adjusted to fire the entire magazine in a single shot (which resulted in way faster ammo depletion)