Known or not known Tr4iner Mod Bug?

I’m sorry if I don’t get most information across, new the forums but I had a question so I decided to look around and couldn’t find too much on it. Back when DLC 2 came out, the Tr4iner class mod would make the enemies on your side (like it says on the class mod) but I started using it again and noticed that it caused the enemy to regain full health and not become friendly. I looked up on a wiki to see and it was said that it’s a bug but does Gearbox know about it? I really do like the class mod and it kinda sucks how it doesn’t function correctly.

EDIT: Was testing out different things for a bit, dominance as a whole is bugged, I tested the main skill in Blue Tree and even the melee doesn’t activate the perk properly/at all.

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Wow someone who actual uses tr4iner mod to each their own.Anyways its a known bug on top of many others its been around for a long time don’t know when gbx is gonna fix it tho maybe sometime before dlc4 hopefully.