Knoxx Armory 2.5

Hi everyone, I played borderlands years ago and currently only have an old laptop to game for a while so I am playing again. I recently finished playthrough 2 unlocking 2.5 and wanted to go farm some armory to gear up for Craw. I went and played through Knoxx playthrough 2 (I had forgotten it doesn’t automatically go to 2.5 once you beat the main story) and killed knoxx, looting the armory and turning in Loot Larceny.

The expansion is now in 2.5 (everything is 69) but I can’t get into the armory anymore. Knoxx spawns but the armory is closed and I can’t get in. I haven’t played in so long so I can’t remember, is there something I need to do to reopen the armory? Do I somehow need to replay Knoxx entirely on 2.5 and if so how? Thanks for your help!

There’s a set of missions you can get from Marcus to go back into the Armoury. If you want to actively farm it, you need to use the glitch to get in without triggering the timer, and then make sure you never cut through the large elevator shaft (which will glitch the mission and leave you locked out.) Since you’re on PC, if you did accidentally glitch the mission there’s a third-party tool that will let you fix it.

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Yeah I remember the glitch, I forgot the Marcus missions though. Thank you. And yeah, I downloaded Willow Tree just to clear my mission log of all the old low level quests. They were really bugging me lol.

i cant seem to fix it with willow tree i exit saved on the elevator and now the door to the elevator is shut and have no way of completing the dlc

You will need to join the game of someone who hasn’t done that quest yet in the same play-through and complete it with them to clear the quest.