Knoxx Armoury Question

Does it matter which area of the armoury you go to as far as the content of the chests is concerned, or are any of the red chests just as likely to contain something desireable? I’m just running actual story, not doing “farmoury”, so the timer is a thing…

The ones at the Very Very top are always at your level. But none of them have better quality than another.

I think all of the red chests are about equal, so I’d aim for either getting as many chests on the middle floor as possible since hey are the easiest to get to or try to get as many Atlas chests as you can. The top floor has at least 4 of them, so you may want to head there first.

When you say “Very very top”, do you mean the ones where you take the little moving platform thingy?

No. Go to the top level, and toward the back will be an automatic elevator leading up. Those chests that it takes you to will always be on level.

Sorry, I forgot to mention: This is only for your first run during the story. Knoxx will not scale to your level until you do 1 legit armory run. After you turn in the Armory mission to Athena, the entire DLC will scale.

OK, so if I do the Super Marcus Sweep etc. on PT.1, at some point it will all be at whatever the maximum level for the DLC is (40 I think?) ± the usual item variation?

I don’t think I’ve ever been all the way to the top - will have to 'tube it before I run it again in PT.2.

Oh, you’re in PT1? I thought you were talking about PT2.5.

Regardless, it goes up to around the 40-45 range in PT1. Whatever guns you find in that time frame will last you until well into PT2.

Nope, some chests are actually better than others. These have a higher “awesome level.”
Here’s a thread on it:

and a video from the thread where only the best Armory chests are opened:

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iirc, the randomly appearing ones in the bank of nine- reached by the moving platform- are best.

Well that’s interesting to know. However, when I do an armory run, it’s a Farmory run, so I open every chest. And I have all four characters at max level with great gear, so I won’t be doing anymore PT1 armory runs anymore.

I was going to post this vid when I saw this thread but I’ve been ninja’ed it appears. But yeah follow the vid nola posted @VaultHunter101 its really useful for farming runs.