Knoxx DLC - Lockdown Palace unaccessible

Heads up for those who haven’t experienced this yet. I ventured out to the prison to do a Marcus Mop Up mission and I cannot enter the prison. The outcropping that you launch to now has a grouping of boulders blocking the way as well as an invisible wall thus keeping me from grenade jumping.

I have only jumped over the fence a scant few times. I generally hit the wall and walk around. Not anymore apparently. I got frustrated trying to get in and eventually gave up.

Making you jump the gap and over the wall in one go was an odd update. Perplexing really.

Finally made the jump. They straight up walled it off entirely so that the player MUST make the second jump over the wall.

I’m not pleased with this “update” and I’m hard pressed to justify the change. Aggravating.