KO Compilation Music Video

So there’s been some talk about making more videos for Battleborn around the forum lately, and I was inspired to try my hand at it. And since I was showed the Xbox DVR website, I pulled some of my old clips and made a few more to put into a little montage/MV.

Not everything here is spectacular (stick around for the ending). I’m not a spectacular player and I started recording a bunch of kills just to have something to fill out the video, but I had a lot more fun editing it than I thought I would and I might make some more with some better footage in the new year.

One big takeaway from this though: Xbox One Shayne and Aurox players need to up their game.


LOL great ending great vid! Hope to see more!

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Love the compilation!
There’s something really satisfying about watching Marquis snipe someone across the map with his super, followed by a well deserved taunt!

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