Konrad's Hold....ummm where is it?

Hey guys, I’m actually having a blast with the game. Sure I’ve experienced some hiccups along the way but nothing show stopping…until now.

I’m at a point in the story where I’m supposed to travel to Konrad’s Hold. Normally I follow the little diamonds via the maps, but right now they all lead to Fast Travels no matter where I’m at. I believe Konrad’s to be on Pandora but how do I get there? I’ve checked all the maps and I’m not finding it.

Right before I was heading on my way…following Vaughn(whom I’ve also lost) he said something that I couldn’t quite make out. I have a feeling it was a “key” bit of info…maybe?

I’m stumped. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d be forever grateful.

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I’m having the exact same bug!!

Devils Razor -> Rolands Grab (in english it’s like Rolands Grave) --> There are 3 blue map entry icons on the bottom of the map, the completly right one is it! :slight_smile: Tell me if it helped you!


I had already found it, but thanks!..now it’s in my Fast Travel.

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I’m only seeing for the droughts and the splinter lands as the entry points

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