Krakatoa and Firestorm - Nice buffs

Feels amazing to have some actual variety finally with sniper rifles. I’ve really missed using them.


K6 has some pre-buff screenshots in his video:

HOT!!! :star_struck:

Edit: well I went to kill the next Mouthpiece (TVHM M4 quest) and the weapon blew him away. BUUURRN IN THE LIGHT!!!

Does the Krakatoa have any form of splash dmg?

From my test, I dont see any splattering on the ground and when I shoot my feet it doesn’t hurt my Moze. Also I compared the damage between a Krakatoa with 160% splash vs 125% fire, the 160% acts as if it’s non-existent.

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To the garbage can then hahahaha, thanks for the answer i’ll stick to my 1% increase dmg on hit one.

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The volcano should deal splash, but you need to get a kill first.

Wait … there was a March 5 update? The Stubatoa doesn’t suck anymore? Is there any info on this update? Sorry for all the questions but this is the first I’ve heard about this.

The orbs that the Storm spawns still feel really weak tho. I don’t think they use the base damage of the weapon like they should

I think the puddle doesn’t but the little balls it spits out should as they self kill your ass.


Yeah the Storm seems to be not on par with the Firestorm and Krakatoa. Too slow for me.

I’ve heard that puddles are actually one of the rare occasions that it’s counted as only AoE damage.

Borderlands 3 Hotfix [03/05/2020] here you go

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The orbs on The Storm seem to synergize with Vampyr, not the most powerful sniper to use , especially not now. But between grenade throws and the orbs from The Storm I could just stand there and take my time and line up shots. Not something I am used to doing on Moze and M4.

I was excited last night when I found a 160 splash krak but then I remembered it’s just the volcano balls that count as splash. Sadface

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that buffed krakatoa has like 40k dps on the item card, that is almost 2x as much as my purple diamondback with 125% fire dmg for 2 mags. I just took one with that +5% dmg for 25 sec per kill anoint and facerolled SS, yours is definitely worth keeping until you find another one with a better anointment

The gun is a bit too buff. Probably the highest DPS gun on MOZE right now. I am not certain how I feel about that.

But melting everything can be fun. But I have stopped using it until Mayhem 2.0 Just hope things are hard enough to justify its use. Right now the game is too easy to require such armaments.

If you can get the +75 Fire damage on auto bear active, it basically doubles the damage per shot. IN_SANE

I look at it that way: as countless games have shown beforehand the witch hunt for the perfect balance is a never ending story but it’s generally better for a weapon / gear to be overpowered than underpowered.

Like you said you can always stop using the gun if you feel like that it makes things to easy but the thing is that even if you want to “adjust them to your tastes” it’s always easier to make a strong weapon weaker by removing other sources of damage from your gear / skill trees (or by simply using a lower leveled version, the basic gameplay mechanics are still the same) than it is to make a weak weapon strong. You can make a Krakatoa hit like a wet noodle no problem but you can’t make an ECHO-2 consistently hit like a truck no matter how hard you try.


I use the 2 mag 125 fire anoint on krakatoa with Mind Sweeper and it’s amazing.