Krakatoa is amazing now

I’ve been selling this gun whenever I found it because it wasn’t good.

After the buffs today, it’s amazing!!! It absolutely melts Graveward. Give it a try!


It’s definitely a good buff. I tried a Krakatoa with 125% bonus fire damage against Graveward M4 with Moze. It took 2.5x longer than my Quickie. But that 2.5x is fast enough compare to other guns.

Quickie is still the fastest, but if you don’t have Quickie, the Krakatoa works as well. I tested with the anoints against Proving Grounds Fervor, it can kill fast enough.

Same. I had one of these in the bank. I actually had a bunch but sold most of them (because they were bad) and just kept the best looking one because I like to keep at least 1 of each legendary exactly for this reason. Decided to try it today after watching a Moxsy video on it and WOW…it just shreds things. It’s not even benefiting from my build and I’m one shotting mobs on M4 TVHM and I killed GW super fast which I normally can’t do.

This gun has pretty much ruined all my guns. I had been using a Cutsman, Kyb’s Worth, Westergun, Lob and a couple others but I kill everything so fast now with this Krakatoa (bosses and mobs) that it feels like a waste of time using anything else.

I been using Moze with a Blast Master which increases my damage the longer I go without reloading but…why wait around to build up damage later when I can just get all the damage now from Krakatoa? o.O I have a feeling a nerf is INC for this.

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Much like the Lob, Woodblocker, Dahl AR, Faisor, and Sickle buffs I imagine we are in for some challenge coming soon in the DLC and/or Mayhem 2.0

Enjoy the godliness while it lasts…


which indicate mayhem 2.0 gonna be difficult , they aint letting u get away so easily with just a krakatoa or lob lol

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Haven’t played since the last hotfix. I may not have a Krakatoa or Sickle stowed away anymore… but I was using a Storm, which got buffed IIRC. Hrm…