Kreig build advice wanted!


Back playing Kreig on PS4 from scratch and fallen into the habit of speccing into Hellborn as love using elemental damage.

Wondered if anyone had any pointers with regards to which skills from the other trees work well with the Hellborn tree (I’ll likely spec fully into this tree.

Not a massive melee fan (especially with a PS4 controller as they’re not ideal for melee at all), and prefer pistols, SMGs and assault rifles over launchers and shotguns, so any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hey mate.

Fortunately, you’ve got a LOT of variety to work with when you’re dealing with Hellborn.

Tell us a little something about your play style.

Strengths and weaknesses.

Very much a fill on tanker with Kreig… which is beginning to prove to be a little bit of a challenge purely because I’m struggling to find ANY decent gear at all! Had to resort to using golden keys in Sanctuary to get most of my equipped stuff and most of that is two levels below me.

Current build:

Aim, short-term, is to try and get full points in to Elemental Empathy and then the capstone purely so I’ve got some method of ambient healing without needing to spam the field with transfusion grenades.

Your build link isn’t working Matt…

What level and playtrough are you on man? Some great yet easy to get gear (to get you started) for Hellborn that might help:

  • Flame of the Firehawk shield (from the Firehawk missions from Lilith)
  • The awesome Hellfire (farm Scorch in Frostburn Canyon after the above missions; can be a bit of a more tedious farm but I highly recommend it for Hellborn pre OP levels)
  • Blockhead shotgun (from the Minecraft easter egg farming in Caustic Caverns; awesome shotty, get it ASAP)
  • Lady Fist (from the Uncle Teddy quest in Arid Nexus badlands; great for crits, farm an elemental one)
  • Any good Plasma Caster (random drop from chests or the golden key chest), Moxxi’s Good/Bad Touch (from tipping her in Sanctuary), elemental Sandhawks (from the Whoops mission in the Captain Scarlett DLC)
  • Kittens (from the Everybody wants to be wanted mission in the Torgue DLC)
  • Hail (Bandit Slaughter round 5; has a bit of a learning curve but is a lot of fun)
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Meh! It was working before!

I think I’m level 27 and on NVHM at the moment. Planning to work all the way up to OP8 though, so still a looooong way to go!

Oh all right.

Well to start I’d say focus on the above. Especially the FotFH shield makes Hellborn builds, so I’d farm one every playtrough (and a near perfect one when you reach your level cap). It’s great because with EE it heals you with every Nova and helps keeping your on fire.

Also you’ll want to consider getting a Rubi (slag is the best choice, don’t need evisceration on Krieg, after level 43 his inherent bonus to melee is greater than 50 % and hence bladed guns - save for Law and the Rapier - are pointless on him and actually decrease his melee damage) by quest farming the Rakkaholics Anonymous quest (turn in with Moxxi, not Mordecai). The Rubi is great for healing, you don’t even need to shoot it, as long as you heal it whenever damage is done (e.g. throwing grenades, FotFH novas, status effects, etc…) you’ll get healed.

Also I forgot to mention the awesome Pimpernel (arguably the best sniper and one of the best guns in the game if you know how to shoot it, sniper from the Don’t Copy That Floppy side mission in the Pirate DLC), get one of these as well.

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I’m guessing the FotFH is at a fixed level in NVHM?

Yes it’s a mission reward so always at the level the mission is when you pick it up. But you can farm it in each play through, and every time you reset UVHM of course.

By the way be sure to check out the staple hellborn build here:

This is what you’ll most likely end up using.

EDIT: oh I forgot the Heart Breaker shotgun from Moxxi, also very easy to get (Safe and Sound side mission) on any playtrough and good (but the Blockhead is still better, even though slightly more time consuming to get, but not much, I’d say you should have one in about 30 mins max)

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That’s some awesome info! Thanks for taking the time :smile:

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You’re welcome man.

Let us know how you proceed with your build and gear and how you like Hellborn Krieg. He can be a lot of fun. The FotFH novas can be a little heavy on the eyes at fist but you’ll get used to them, you’ll see. :smile:

I think I have a high level Omen on one of my PS3 Siren characters that I could port over… although that kinda feels like cheating when I’m purposefully starting from scratch :-/

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Haha right, I know exactly what you’re talking about, I purposely started from scratch too.

The Omen is great and not easy to get for a solo Krieg being a Dragons drop, but if you want a level 72 one I can help with taking them down once I’m there too (currently lvl 58).

Not sure yet if I’ll go all the way to OP8 this time around (spent a lot of time in OP8 on PS3 and I found it got pretty dull and less fun over time, with only the same old top gear being usable and not much else), but I plan on raiding a lot again on 72 for sure.

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You on PS4 now then? If so I’ll add you if you like?

Yes, pretty much much every day, or any other day, usually only during evening/night times (full time job, and I mostly only play when wifey and kids are in bed), from about 9 pm GMT on for about 2-3 hours.

I’m currently on the way to 72 with a mate (just the two of us because we like to keep our fresh main characters at the same level so nobody is over- or underpowered), but after that I’m free and up for anything.

Yes, my PSN is BlackPriest_ITA (I know it’s silly but to my defense it’s about 10 years old now and originates from too much love for a certain Necromancer character back in Diablo II on PC, lol), feel free to add me, even though as said I’m mostly busy with the journey to level 72 at the moment.

I’ve sent a request so sure I’ll see you online at some point!

Just accepted it with the PS app.

Yeah, see you on soon!
Here ya go- this link for making character builds might work a little better for you…

Anyone know if Raving Retribution + Impaler/Antagonist shield fires off both fireballs and homing projectiles at the same time?

From what I understand mate there is a limit to the amount of projectiles from an individual that can be active at once. I believe that limit is 4.

So if your Impaler shoots out 2 and your Raving Retribution drops another 2, it won’t put you in a better position than you were originally. Unless the saving grace is that you’re getting hit by rapid machine gun fire, in which you wouldn’t need to wait for the 1 second recharge on the Raving Retribution.

The one BIG difference with the Impaler projectiles is they are affected by your grenade bonuses, which on Krieg can be pretty big.

As far as I can tell there really is no set delay for Raving Retribution. It fires off as fast as the animation allows given that you’re taking damage and on fire. Maybe it’s a second delay but doesn’t feel like it. Raving Retribution also receives bonuses from fire elemental damage (e.g., Bone of the Ancients), grenade damage bonuses (e.g., BAR), and Burn damage (e.g., elemental effect damage and Burn Baby Burn).