Kreig Feed the Meat skill

Should I not put points into it due to healthgating?

No, you want to put points into FtM. Don’t approach Krieg the same as other Vault Hunters. Health stacking is actually a good thing with him.

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So the more health the better, omg I forgot about his skill, each kill refills his health. So try to maximize his health?

It provides a buffer for Silence the Voices and also combines with his damage resistances and life steal to create a super tanky character.

The thing with Krieg is that health gate for him means Release the Beast mode if you’re running melee.

Or it’s going to ensure that Flame of the Firehawk is active for a long time.

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K needs health. A looooooooot of health.

Oh, and that skill that refills the bar with each kill (Thrill of the Kill) gets boosted with the Leg Reaper. I run a K with Leg Reaper and it is an animal.

Moral of the story is the need to keep your health low to survive is a myth much of the time.

I feel like everyone really reinforced the point I was going to make.

All I’d like to add is many of the items that Krieg tends to utilize best tend to be counter productive to healthgating as a whole. As well as several of his skills.

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I put 5 into FtM are the other 2 skills in the first row good skills to put points into our should I move down the tree?

It depends on what you’re shooting for. If you’re looking for a melee build, get Empty the Rage. Let us know what type of Krieg you’re looking for (guns/melee/elemental) and we’ll be better able to answer your questions.

In the meantime, take a look at the Krieg build list for builds.

How’d I know my man Gulf would be Witching?

What fun that game is.

Oh, it’s great. My wife loves watching me play on the big screen, so I’ve stopped while we’re at my mother’s. We’re taking her back after she’s well enough to travel so I’ll be back in Geralt’s shoes soon enough. Until then I have Krieg to keep me company. :wink:

More melee, but some guns as well, Is what I’m aiming for

There are some good melee/gun builds in the master build list; I would start there first to get a good base to build off of. If you have any other questions, we can help you through them. Also check out the skills guide as well.

I just got light the fuse I think I’m gonna head over and go down hellborn til I get to fire fiend then go back to mania or should I just keep going down till RTB?

I’d stick with mania until RTB. Hellborn is all about using elemental weapons and setting yourself on fire; it’s also not really worth speccing into until you can get 5/5 elemental empathy for the healing. But RTB is great because it’s essentially a get out of FFYL free card if you time it right.

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