Kreig Gear Wanted

Basically need some gear for Kreig, i’m about to start TVHM and i’m level 35 and would like a couple things if possible.
Fire Practicable Conference Call,
Flame of the FireHawk,
Grog Nozzle, - i dont know if this is possible but it was available during the Loot Hunt a while back,
Fire Norfleet, - again dont know if this is possible at 35?
Fire Slow Hand,
Again, if none of these things are possible then thats cool,
I’m level 35 - PSN bentleybruh_

I’ll help the bests I can. Send me a msg. Psn is amira2468

its krieg

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I could help level you up if you would like then i can give you some level 72/op8 gear ? feel free to check out my channel on how to acquire some gear and my krieg build. you can also add my psn which will be in the description of most videos.

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can the same apply to slayer of men like myself? Im a 72 Krieg, looking for some gear…