Kreig is going to make an entrance (speculation)

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.
I dare say Ava knows who he is but he doesn’t know her. He will sense Maya within her and Ava is going to have to explain herself - discuss!

Ava will try to kick the wrong guy in the dick and fall off a cliff. Many will rejoice.



She is the only one who can control him provided he doesn’t flip out and kill her, in turn, learning later she wasn’t deserving and thus he will off himself… I’m leaning toward the Ava&Kreig as a team more than this the hate train getting what they want.

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Remember that so far there are only three women Krieg talks about. The Tiny one (Obviously Tiny Tina), the Sad-Faced Mother (Moxxi/ or the female Doctor/Tinas mom) and the Blue Tattoo forever and ever (Obliviously Maya).

When it comes to Krieg and talking about innocence or guilt, that can become suggestive, especially when love is involved. If the Sane side is grieving he may not see clearly.

As for Ava, there is no proof yet that she has even met Krieg. How would she control him?

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Because Maya is in Ava, she could feel Maya when she took on the power, if anyone can calm Krieg its the one who inherited Maya’s traits… This is going on the basis that Krieg is equipped with sixth sense, he’s an intuitive guy and intelligent also an animal of instinct… Just can’t control himself sometimes. If he sees her and senses nothing I’d be surprised

I don’t believe Ava gained any of Maya traits after getting the siren powers. The twins didn’t gets any personality traits from Lilith\Maya when they had the powers.

If Krieg does feel Maya presence wouldn’t be from the last thing she was holding when she died?

Ava maybe a siren but she isn’t Maya. Unless her soul somehow transfered with the power. Then you have to ask does that mean all the previous sirens of the phaselock power are somehow exist within the power itself? Is troy in there somewhere?

Just my opinion and theory. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


When Ava took on the power and rose into the air she said “Maya?!” in a manner that suggests she could feel her mentor in some way, a presence felt from beyond the dead.

i prefer that they never bring krieg back, i cringe thinking about him and ava, like good friends, please no.

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Wouldn’t you then be able to apply that same logic to Troy? Why would Ava and Krieg be able to sense her but not Troy?

Let’s say that Maya’s presence is in Ava and Krieg can sense it. Why would he look at Ava any differently than when Troy had her powers? Couldn’t he see her a just a little thief?

If she could calm him would that be only due to Maya’s presence? As far as I know, Krieg has not left Pandora (other than in cut content) and Ava didn’t meet Maya until she was on Athenas.

I’m not seeing a situation where Ava does anything without using someone else’s help.

That’s just my opinion though.

I don’t mind if Kreig returns, but it has to be done well. Like you, I’m not seeing this friendship thing between the two. Tina would fit into that role far better.


I want to see Krieg using his Buzzaxe on Ava’s face. If not that, I rather not see him at all. Dear writers, just keep your hands off my favorite VH, thank you very meh.


Because Troy was never really the intended recipient of the powers but stole them? It could be residual as Maya had intended to give her powers to Ava and after Troy dies that was finally able to happen. Doesn’t mean Maya was still “present,” as it were, but just a part of the gifting process (that got delayed when Troy intervened).

As for the Krieg / Ava friendship thing, I don’t really see much grounds for a connection. Krieg liked Maya for her personality and Ava’s is completely different, regardless of whether she has Maya’s powers. They may get on but that’ll be down to circumstance as much as anything

if they kill him, ill never play a damn borderlands game in my life, hes my baby.


Eh what can be said, I’m a Krieg enthusiast and the guy is wandering alone atm and the only grounding aspect apparent in his life is now gone… Like good friends? No its a family idea was more my suggestion. Krieg wouldn’t kill a child, if Maya trained Ava and never told her about the vault hunter, that is an absolute psycho, I’d be surprised.

Krieg isn’t just some minor detail. I had believed Maya taking him with her to do insert BL2 here was quite the occurrence in Maya’s life. So for her to train an apprentice and not tell stories about the one true supermutant baddass that slew Jack doesn’t appear plausible. Ava knows who rides the shinniest meat bicycle heck all Pandora probably know Krieg like

“Oh yeah that guy who is a psycho but he won’t kill innocent people, he actually played a part in saving us all.”

Krieg’s only connection to his most grounding and caring friend is the young apprentice.

They can’t kill him… pfff, noone can kill krieg! He’s an overleveled rampaging beast by now, no matter where he is.

That is logic, you can’t think logicaly about Krieg! Kill the deserving and leve the rest, Ava is very deserving imo, but I am biased in that regard. :crazy_face:

Does Tannis express a similar experience when Angel’s powers came to her? I then have to wonder if Ava had never touched Troy would the transfer had happened regardless. (seems like that scene was trying to make a chosen one vibe, just my opinion though)

Remember that its not a universal interpretation of innocence or guilt. Its what sane Krieg sees as innocent or guilty. If he isn’t thinking clearly due to grieving, then hes capable of doing anything at this point.

He also has Tina. Also isn’t Ava a teenager, not a child?

I think that’s a valid point and it’s something I’ve wondered about myself (with the caveat of course that the game creators obviously intended Ava to get those powers one way or another!). But Ava touching Troy may well have been the catalyst needed to release them.

No but in all fairness we never witnessed Tannis receiving her powers and by the time we found out she’d had them for ages. Wouldn’t really be any point in her suddenly mentioning it out of the blue

Fair point, just remembering some of her lines in previous games. I imagine she would say something along the lines of suddenly tasting electric pickles.

Trying to stay on topic, wonder how Tannis would react to Krieg reacting to Maya’s death? So far shes seems to be the only one blunt enough to says things as they are. If Ava wanted to find him I wonder if she would say anything?

wish he was real, i would love to hug him, or maybe more lol. :heart_eyes:

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Tannis, gee I forgot >.>
she was like Krieg’s employer, sent him on jobs… Wait, does Tannis know where Krieg is? Does Brick?

My point; I didn’t ponder Tannis outright telling Krieg off and sending him to his room with no suppa.

I don’t expect anyone on Pandora to know where Krieg is now. If I had to guess bodies of COV members are going to start piling up.

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