Kreig melee build......i require direction please!

I’ve currently got a lev49 kreig.

I’ve been trying different things out and cant seem to get a formula to work…I play solo, the equipment I should be able to farm for with my Salvador. I’ve just no idea what to put the points into…do I go hellborn or bloodsplosion???

ive got a fotf…but then people say rough rider is the way to go…

if any Kreig users out there want to share a Melee build I would appreciate

Thanks Bez

Try this with a blue scream sickle COM that gives +6 StV, and +5 Empty the Rage. You’ll want to continue down the bloodlust tree for bloodsplosion, but if you’re going full melee don’t spec into blood trance because you’ll want to be using release the beast as much as possible. For this build a rough rider IS the way you’ll want to go, mainly because it’ll mitigate some of the damage from hitting yourself in the face. The flat 20% damage resistance is nice though. Since your also speced into strip the flesh you’ll probably want some explosive weapons on hand. The Harold (obviously), the kerblaster, and the swordsplosion (which should also be obvious) work really well for Krieg, and an explosive damage relic will probably be best for this build as well. Since it looks like you’ll be heading into UVHM (if you access to it) soon you’ll also want a slagging tool, so if you have the crystals, and the DLC I suggest a longbow slag crossfire with a 1.0 fuse time, or a slagga.


nice one…cheers :+1:

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on…

As a fellow Melee Krieg, if you want to go pure melee, just go in the Bloodlust tree; if you want to go hybrid, go in the Hellborn tree to get Delusional Damage and go back into the Bloodlust;

lv49 build

As you can notice from this build I’d suggest going in the Bloodlust tree, so you can continue to melee everything with BXR (remember Release the Beast) and Buzz Axe Bombardier (and later, Bloodsplosion); just get some slagging methods (a good bladed Slagga/Grog/Rubi or some slag transfusion grenades/Magic Missiles), learn to throw your axe when you can’t just melee everything (Badasses and Constructors come to mind) and remember that throwing axes won’t trigger Silence the Voices; learn to throw your axe because you’ll deal a lot of pain with the Bloodlust tree (remember to trigger Fuel the Blood first if possibile because it’s boosting your throw’d axe damage, but you can switch your points to get Blood Overdrive too; pick your poison), and learn to distance yourself in need.

For the gear:

  • For weapons, you really only need some Torgue/Bandit with Torgue barrels AR weapons for getting yourself in Release the Beast range (never do the mistake of wasting BXR without Release the Beast except for real emergencies); some other explosive weapons (Swordsplosion? Unkempt Harold?) because they’re boosted by half your skills, a Moxxi weapon for healing (not mandatory but really appreciated), and some slagging guns (Rubi/Grog works wonders being Moxxi weapons AND slagging tools!)

  • For the shield you can go with the Love Thumper, another good roid shield (Law + Order combo is good to have when you aren’t BXRing, and the blade actually boosts your damage even in BXR, but every roid shield with a lot of recharge delay is good for Salt The Wound) because they will boost your damage to insane levels and FotF is just plain garbage for Krieg without points in the Hellborn tree; the other way for Krieg is basically the Rough Rider (bonus health and a 20% flat damage reduction which works on your selfhit from Silence the Voices too!), stop.

  • For the grenade you can go with a (preferably Slag) Transfusion if you aren’t using Moxxi guns, or just Magic Missile for slagging everything (if you can’t get one, just go with a low level Slag Bouncing Betty one); all of them preferably Longbow with a low fuse

  • A Sickle class mod is almost mandatory (preferably a blue one with +6 Silence the Voices and +5 Empty the Rage, but every Sickle works wonders); you can get a Slab one if you are early enough and still in TVHM but you’ll probably need to switch for a Sickle ASAP.

  • Explosive relics are your ticket to heaven in terms of damage, Vitality relics are your bulkiest call; choose your poison.

Like I said, always remember to play smart with your axes; throw them if you can, go Release the Beast everytime you can and destroy everyone in your path!


You shouldn’t be able to get Bloodsplosion till level 57. For now, focus on Fuel the Blood/Buzz Axe Bombardier in the Bloodlust tree. Fuel the Blood buffs grenade damage upon a kill, while BxB places an explosive grenade on your buzzaxe (which is also boosted by melee buffs iirc). After a kill, start throwing axes until Fuel the Blood runs out, with the right coms it can hit over twice as hard as your melee strikes.

Note that if you have Silence the Voices, hitting yourself in the face while FtB is axtive will hurt like hell.


The advises @vanaria32 and @SLalaya gave to you are very good. Make sure to get a good slag weapon and a good slag Grenade (Slag Bouncing Betties are your best bet, Bandit or Dahl it’s the same)

Also : make Bloodsplosion your goal. It’s massively overpowered and will allow you to farm Pyro Pete and wipe him out in the blink of an eye, regardless of the gear you have and even the level.

As long as you’re not at OP levels, Roid Shields (and Melee Relics if you have the Unofficial Community Patch) are a good pick. If you hate StV, then try to get Adaptive Shields and Health Relics to negate the health loss.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask. :smile:


Thanks for all the advice guys…

I’m currently running a roughrider shield .
weapons wise i’m using
Kitten (slag)
Shock Norfleet(to get backup)
Conf call (corrosion)

I’ve got expolsive fastballs equipped at the moment but will swap out for a good slag grenade…

im just running the vault hunter relic at the moment and a SLAB com.

I’ve tried farming a SLAGGA but haven’t dropped one as yet.

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The Slab COM is pretty good if you like being tanky though. If you want Damage, then go Sickle.

Also, the Fastball is good on Melee Krieg since you can activate Fuel the Blood pretty easily, giving you +1,0% Grenade Damage for each stack of Bloodlust. If you like using the Fastball, you can use it to an awesome extent.


Kinda beefy, you can run it too but a Sickle at later levels will help you more (you have Release the Beast for healing purposes)[quote=“bez354uk, post:8, topic:1563593”]
I’ve got expolsive fastballs equipped

as @Enderborn1 said the Fastballs are a good choice on your Krieg because they can be explosive, have a DEVASTATING damage output and have synergy with his skills; careful though, in mobs/against small/fast enemies is next to useless, and you haven’t got a good Slag weapon yet; just play wise with that!

As I said, Slab for tankiness and Sickle for damage. Even if you have RtB, sometimes you need healing while you’re into BXR and you can’t get a kill quick enough.
Though if you hit OP levels, stick to the Sickle COMs.

I’m OK as far as playing Krieg goes so my build could still use a few tweaks but this build is for my current Krieg (except for when he took on Terra where I used a Mania/Hellborn build) but he is currently using explosive weapons- Ogre, Swordsplosion, DPUH, Explosive Fastball and Slagga as slag tool. He uses a RR, L. Sickle and/or Flesh Crunch com depending on what he’s fighting.
Edit: updated 4 Aug 2019 to reflect the new level cap

A slag Maliwan of Vladof sniper, plasma caster or even a slag shotgun are good ‘peasant’ alternatives to the Slagga if Hector is being stubborn. Level is irrelevant for the most part.

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Thanks for all the help guys…once targets are slagged Kreig is an absolute madman…I could just do with windscreen wipers now for the blood HAHA…:+1:

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how do I get the legendary sickle class mod?

Uhm- 1- this thread is over a year old… 2- open every box, container, locker, chest and skag pile- also check the Doc Zed vending machines. The lowest level legendary class mod I ever found was a level 22 I think (I made a post about it but don’t know how to check for it). BTW, could someone close this thread please? Thanks…

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Before a mod (@VaultHunter101, or anyone watching this thread) closes this, the Leg Sickle (as well as the leg torch and leg reaper) is one of the coms that only drop from tubbies at level 62 and up. Before then the only legendary com you’ll be able to find is the Leg Psycho.