Kreig op8 build help

Need help with a mobbin/raid as an op8 im heavy on melee i just need advice on what to go for skill and gear wise

It would be easier to give you advises if you tell us what kind of gear you already have. Or maybe you have absolutely no stuff at all and just want to know which gear fits the best to a melee playstyle.

To start with the basics,

Put your hands on a Rough Rider for general gameplay, mobbing and raiding. Worth mentioning the Evolution/Neogenator, it may help you fighting the Dragons. A roid shield may help you to set up bloodsplosion chain to kill bosses.

For the grenade I like using a slag Bouncy Bonny to build Bloodlust stacks and slag mobs around me before I activate Buzz Axe Rampage. Fastball is a great choice too to trigger kill skills like Bloodbath, Stormfront is also a good choice to quickly build your Bloodlust stacks.

If you go full melee, don’t bother too much with your weaponry, you will spend most of your time in Buzz Axe Rampage due to Release the Beast.
For an hybrid Krieg, there are a lot of choice available, even if he clearly has a preference for an explosive and/or a fire arsenal. Try Torgue shotgun/pistol for an explosive Krieg with Bloodbath and Strip The Flesh maxed. Jakobs shotguns work great with Salt The Wound and some Bloodlust stacks. Maliwan submachineguns, like the Hellfire, the Florentine, Plasma Caster, do really well with a Krieg using some Hellborn skills. Tediore Plasma Caster is also a solid choice, to kill Badasses, or to get out of FFYL. Big numbers can pop up on your screen while doing some Tediore chucking with Krieg.

Legendary Sickle grants bonuses to important skills for a BloodMania Krieg while a Legendary Torch suits more to an hybrid gun/melee Krieg (BloodBorn or Mania Hellborn). Legendary Reaper, while skills bonuses aren’t all great, is a big help in certain situations because it extends the time your kill skills stay active. Blister and Crunch COMs are also solid choices.

For the relic, a Blood of the Ancients is the first that comes to my mind. An explosive one can be helpful too.

For the skills, I would say it mainly depends the playstyle you want to adopt and which gear you will be able to get.

To get more detailled and more accurate content, check some older topics :
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All i really have gear wise is a couple of shotguns like ge praticible butcher the sand hawk unkept hereld the flame of the fire and the rough rider shield bee shield sham and a legendary psycho mod i like using shotguns but run out of ammo far to quickly i just need advise on setting the right skills with the right gear which is what i struggle with at the moment im a mix between hellborn and the middle skill tree it works but not aswell as i like it too

Another one who is grammar-phobic. This was a tough read. This is what’s happening to people these days :dukesad:

Let me help you by fixing it.

All I really have gear-wise is a couple of shotguns, like the Praticable Butcher, the Sandhawk, Unkempt Harold, The Flame of the Firehawk and The Rough Rider shield. Also the Bee shield and the Sham shield. For my class mod, I have the Legendary Psycho. I like using shotguns but run out of ammo far too quickly. I just need advice on setting the right skills with the right gear which is what i struggle with at the moment. I’m a mix between Hellborn and Mania, it works but not as well as I like it to.



Apoligies , rush typing does get the better of me.

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Don’t take it as an attack, but sometimes people won’t help you because it’s too much hard work to read and make sense of what is written :slight_smile:


Please don’t take this to heart, but it’s true. It’s also true that the same people you seek advice from won’t help as they have put a lot of time and effort into the various builds and topics on the questions you want answers for, and it may be prudent of you to search first and ask questions later. The links that SixelA provided are packed full of great info, and if you find some relative stuff there you can ask for help where many people in the know will be more than willing to help you with getting to know Kreig and his playstyles.

So once again please don’t be offended, but every week there many requests that go unanswered simply because they have all ready been established in other posts and all you have to do is look :smiley:

Kreig is a lot of fun and i only recently found this out myself and all i did was just visited some of those links and others and found lots of help and ideas from many helpful people.

I hope this helps, and good luck :thumbsup:


Also, if you don’t know about this site, here’s a link: You can use this to post your build here, which will give folks a better idea of what you might need as far as tweaking your build or suggesting gear for it…


No, it has opened my eyes , I really should make more effort with my grammar , my post will most likely suffer as a result of this now.

This is what I would recommend.

What you always need : Slag Grenades and the Legendary Sickle COM (if you don’t have any, then a Scream Sickle or Diesel Sickle will do the trick). For the Relic, choose between Health and Explosive Relics.

For mobbing : Rough Rider (Purple Adaptive Shields can be used as well), decent Slag weapon and any decent Rocket Launcher (Norfleet would be best, but E-Tech launchers or Torgue launchers are good as well).

For raiding : Hide of Terramorphous (or Love Thumper), Rapier. Make sure to use an Explosive Relic here to buff that Bloodsplosion damage.

If you have some other questions, feel free :slight_smile:


@Enderborn1 if he’s going Hellborn which is what he said he was, i’d choose a Slagga over a Slag grenade. Though I agree with you if he changes to a pure melee build. However you’re more than likely far more experienced than I am, so just ignore me :smiley:

Well I don’t know, I’m a Melee guy. :joy:

If he’s going Hellborn, then this should be the best balance between Raiding and Mobbing for Hellborn builds.


Have you got a skill tree for the bloodsplosion tactic?

For Bloodsplosion + Melee

For Bloodsplosion + Hellborn maybe (i’m not an expert on such a build though)

The skill tree I gave you works for everything when it comes to Melee (except. Just use a Roid shield and the Rapier if you want optimal Bloodsplosion damage (trust me, you can wipe out Voracidous with this build).


For what it’s worth, i followed @Enderborn1 's Deputy Kreig build and took him to OP8 with that, and i’m now following the first build that he gave you as i wan’t to learn melee Kreig now as well.

I’m also not surprised he sniffed this post out … hehehe, as he is a Kreig nut that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:
He knows his stuff and i can honestly say that he was a great help to me :thumbsup: Thanks again man.

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Deputy Krieg?



Done, my proof it works is at the very bottom :grin:

Thank you this is very helpful i will put this to the test :smile:

This right here. No one uses the search function these days.