Kreig to get revenge on maya

Have Ava find a echo that maya had of krieg and we search for him to tell him what happen to her than have his psycho self take over and he goes on a rampage of killing until he hears a voice from her than he end his rampage than his sane self comes out than we go to her grave if has one than krieg leave his axe there for his last goodbye to her or she pulls a star war and shows up in a ghost forms to tell krieg that she will miss him but will always remember him that is what I want in a dlc is for krieg because when I hear the maya and krieg echo Log I wanted there to some way for krieg to meet her because she died the worst way to only being important for like 30 minutes and that it and krieg should’ve been next to her when they went after the vault together to

yeah agree, given all the subtle references to Star Wars , and Ava as the “padwan learner” im thinking we will still see more of Maya in some form, only found a couple of the echo logs of Krieg so im guessing he will make an appearance in future dlc’s ?

Lol, still think the dlc release trailer of Krieg, Meat bicycle for BL2 was one of the best trailers ever :slight_smile:still go back and watch it and have a chuckle :slight_smile: