Krieg and Digistruct Peak

It’s been almost two years since Handsome_Dad crafted the now legendary Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread which has helped so many people getting their characters to OP8. He linked separate threads for Axton, Maya, gun Zer0, and melee Zer0, but not Krieg, Sal nor Gaige.

At the end, the question came up if there was any plan to get one going for Krieg. Apparently I responded :

And that’s the last post on the thread :neutral_face:
Well a certain beloved mod poked me about this…

So here’s a planet-wide ECHO requestin’ strong, loyal soldiers who don’t ask too many questions HELP!

@Maveco , @BookEmDano , @Enderborn1 , @khimerakiller , @LexAnarchy , @Poisonedbite , @vanaria32 , @kbk160008 , @Gulfwulf , @xmngr , Piemanlee , CarltonSlayer , nat_zero_six (forum tag limits - sorry) and anyone else who thinks they’re a Krieg/Peak badass.

Any of you guys willing to contribute to a Peak guide for Krieg?
We’re looking for :

  • builds
  • gear (remember this is for climbing the Peak, not OP8 runs with perfect gear)
  • general tips
  • specific tips : Scorch , Dukino’s Mom , Black Queens , Assassins , Saturn , OMG and any other minor threats you wish to add.
  • vids! (bonus points if you want to narrate or add text)

Thanks all!

kbk has kindly posted this excellent guide here :

Carlton’s added his here :

RobCheap has added his tips in two posts starting here :


I’ve had this bookmarked for a while.


Done by Sun Tsunami. (for credits)

Unfortunately, I am not the best one to give some advice on Krieg in Digistruck Peak since my Melee Build is spec in Blood Trance :rofl::rofl:


nice, has anyone made a difficulty tier list by character for Digistruct Peak?

My guess, Sal, Maya, and Krieg too maybe even some would say Zero would be top and then Axton and maybe Gaige at bottom (most difficult to do with). Just a very quick rough guess though.

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@IceCat763 , @nat_zero_six

You’ve already derailed my thread. Please keep it on topic.


my bad, i just delete it. :wink::wink:

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This isn’t usually my thing. But are you looking for something to fit Krieg, or just the best possible solutions (taking into account farming and no exploits)?

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Basically, what would you advise someone who’s climbing the Peak with Krieg solo? Anything that’s within reason (as opposed to, say, recommending a corrosive Practicable Butcher). Assume people will have the standard COMs.

What build works for you? Which COM(s)? Do you swap COMs for certain areas?

However you’d get from OP0 to OP8 solo.


I did it with my wife and a friend of ours playing Maya and Gaige respectively while using a build similar to BTK’s. I would recommend either using his or go with a mania/hellborn build.

If I remember correctly, shock is the primary element you want because of how the peak’s enemies are classified, in that they’re all elemental neutral so the extra damage to armor from corrosive or flesh from fire doesn’t apply. You can also use explosive, but having a shock grenade, like a longbow stormfront will come in handy, especially for building stacks. Of course slag is always a good element to have as well.


Whaat? He is screaming…:fearful:


I can do a break down of how I did it with Krieg when I get back from work later today and I’ll make sure to include the build as well I can also do one for Gaige, even though that took the most attempts for me (but brought about the greatest satisfaction when done :sunglasses:).





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I don’t have time to go in depth right now but the basic gear that I mostly use to climb includes:

Harold (preferrably Hard, no DPUH because ammo issues)
Corrosive Topneaa
Rough Rider
Leg. Reaper
Flesh Crunch
Corrosive/Explosive Fastball
low fuse Storm Front/Shock Tesla
Corrosive Bone
Explosive Relic

All of these are relatively easy to farm so you can upgrade them every 2 or so OP lvls.


If I make my post about this topic, where should I write? in this tread or new one?


A bit late to the party here as I saw Krieg’s thread already up but anyway, I’m not sure if I could be of any help since I brute-forced my way to OP8 using melee-focused builds, your typical bloodlust-mania from op0 to op7 and a hellborn-mania for op8 a couple of times.


Uh, High DoT weapons and try to get as much health as possible. Or just go Bloodlust/Mania


That is how i unlocked the peak with krieg the days.
Leg Reaper 88% ( 99 never showed up.until late op8 )
A lv72 flame with goodish parts ( a on lv RR for backup the flame.goes out or gets to recharge )
Explosive/corrosive relic
Corrosive fastball/storm front/pandemic
For weapons
GROG alltheway
Corrosive hyperion shotty/corrosive hail
Hunkemp harold of.any kind really
Badaboom/TOPNEAA/Hive/babymaker/Pc ( your on.demand bloodbath trigger )
This set-up can do mobbing fairly well. I suggest to time your kills for killskill duration to be optimal. Like, killing the last enemy with the Fastball in the spot you be for a boss.
First area is.almost.never a problem. For spidertanks use the hail pointblank, or babymakers for easy business

Tactiques against bosses: i’ll go for.what shows up at op7 and op8

Shock/corrosive topnea with bloodbath melts them.
BUT for our badass friend Krieg, the spawn with surveyors is.the.most friendly, free bloodbath. I suggest to set a storm front and a slag bonny if they spawn alone, it’ll save your killskill time.
If the constructor shows up there, you have scorch alone. Whatch out cuz along with constructor you can have slag centurions and rabid skag to spawn alltogether.
If you get the turrets at the beginning, they’ll spawn with surveyors, the other spawn is badass enemies alltheway to scorch, and they spawn alone.there too.

Dukino’s mom.
Ok. This good girl has two spawns.
Alone after skags, and along with a bunch of midgets.
I usually use the flakker with her. So with the " alone spawn" you have to hope she doens’t decide to do shock balls right away. Thus she will to.need health and waste.killskill time. If bloodbath runs out, i usually slowly finish her with the harold+torch/crunch com. The.midget spawn is easier as you have bloodbath more often. The.cheesy trick is use a drunk Hive when BB is going on. 3-4 double shots just waste her :slight_smile:

Black queens. When was doing the peak i usually hoped for them to spawn right away and used hail with BB in their big critspot. If they spawn alone.after trash.mob.and a wave of badasses, i usually waited until they spawned minions and then use the flakker with BB. CUZ flakker is so awesome :slight_smile:
If you have a good topneaa you can always try to chain bloodbath with that and hope they behave good. Idk why i see often fire used against the BQsb!

Bonehead. Ok this area is solely easy but.has a really really.bad spawn, which consist in a first wave of bandits with 1 BH, A second wave of bandits.with another 2 BH and a 3 wave of badass enemies with 3 BH. Fastball comes handy there if corrosive so you can help healthgate if your flame ( likely ) goes out. Storm front and babymaker works well too but watch out.your.ammo. the spawn that will make you wish you have a e-tech launcher .
The good spawn on the other hand is very good for Krieg. You have 3 BH and then turrers below, or above the place + surveyors. Stack, kill one bonehead and then use Topneaa/fleet to get rid of the remaining enemies. Turrets can negate your healthgate so i really reccomend to prioritize them if you can

Doc Mercy
Usually a easy area. I cannot.stress enough how much krieg needs a e-tech launcher when riding the peak.
Here you.have 2 configurations.
Doc mercy+trash/doc mercy+ trash/badasses and doc mercy + constructor. Pretty easy. You get a.killskill and unleash a BB hail in his face. The constructor needs the harold but often spawns a turret for free killskills.
The other config is
Trash/ doc mercy x2 + trash. The only.difficult thing of.this spawn is marauders hiding in the higher ground. If you break.their sightline they will jump down. A launcher can kill the with AoE dmg if they don’t. Doc Mercy is vulnerable to grenades so you can.also. do fastballs. Stay near him, or he will throw his nades, which can kill you after he dead. Or shoot his elemental blaster. If you manage him to stay melee-mode he isn’t problematic.

If X4 spawn : kill Wot first for BB. Then Topneea.the ■■■■.out the others. A slag betty comes handy there.
If Wot and Reet spawns first: stay away from reet. He has a nasty and ultraprecise delivery. Kill Wot with a babymaker, then hail for reet. After you kill Wot a spidertank will.spawn in the middle. Leave him.for.last. after killing reet proc bloodbath of the spidertank. Now Rouf and Oney. Rouf needs to go.first. He is the killer. Hail in his face and be sure to refresh bloodbath before killing him. Hail for oney too.
There are other two spawn there:
Turrers/Oney and Rouf where.killing the last turret will cause reet and wot to spawn and killing two assassins cause more 4 turrets spawn. Here a fastball is.mandatory to smash turrets. A pretty caotic spawn. But again. Etech launcher with bloodbath is mandatory with Krieg. Things are a lot easier.
The other spawn is approximatively
Wot.and Reet. Killing one triggers trash mobs and when trash is done, oney and Rouf. Basically a nerfet turretspawn, surveyors can be annoying to fight there.

Saturn: if he is alone ( op7 ) a flakkerbath can be reeeeeally effective with explosive relic.
Op8 has two saturns and… i never.did them without the norfleet to be honest. Tried the flakker but ended up to and the second got norfleet cuz BB runs out. If you don’t spec bloodsplosion you can have a better time.using their turrets to proc bloodbath.
A tactique is to chain second.winds. Each one a dmg boost.for about 10 seconds. I’ve seen it.done.with Maya by Juzhang i believe, so probably works for krieg. If you don’t have a fleet, harold can be a thing but watch out for his combo attacks. No healthgate can survive.his combos… if you don’t have bloodbath, he can be an.issue. So run into the.assassins area and use the bee+ a good bee delivery system. Probably the worst spawn at the peak.with Krieg.

The following areas are usually.just regular mobs. However the first one.tends to spawn a lot of badass ■■■■, so i suggest to use the hail mainly and when Badass Slag Skags shows up, launcher for them. Keep.eye.on bloodbath and enemies spawning on the other.side of the map. A squishy marauder there the end of Here you can have also spidertanks and constructor which as seen above, are manageable.

Last area has 3 config i believe

  1. spidertank + sba surveyor / 2 sba surveyors + badass enemies of any kind
  2. trash mobs / 3 sba surveyoes plus any kind of badass
  3. Bunch of exploders / War loader + regular surveyors and.turrets on the train above.

Sba surveyors get a from BB+etech launcher. You can kite them to heal a damaged enemy and do the.etech spam. Or, if you don’t have any, proc bloodbath, slag then ( slagga does wonderfull ) and use a hyperion shotty of a lyuda ( shock element it’s almost the same ). If you run.up the hill, they can go.into a deathwall and save you some grind.

For the binary boss i do:
Wear a rought rider.
Place about 6 storm fronts under him
Slag when.he is completly spawned
Proc BB from his top-body
Flakker.the hell out of him.

I know for sure i have been confusionary. I just kinda wanted exeperience with Krieg at the.peak and.i’ll post the skillbuild too soon :slight_smile: have a great one to.anyone :slight_smile:


This is the build i use for the peak.
I used to pick Pain is Power instead of Fire Fiend before and it comes to preference which of the two does the best. I take Fire Fiend due to no crit penalty ( i use a Doc’s Twister that i didn’t mention as not anyone has one ) and the ignite chance for melee that is helpful to faster stacking and somewhat survival via elemental empathy.
Points in Flame Flare can be moved to strip the flesh if you main the harold and don’t bother for your flame rechargin every 7/8 seconds ( am i right there?) while undamaged. However I suggest at least one.point for the re-ignite chance. No bloodsplosion as you are not going to get that much out of it at the peak and can sometimes be counterproductive if you need to delay the proc of bloodbath, but can still be taken if wanted.
Thing I did forgot to mention:
Stockpile relics or Blood of the ancients with launcher and smg/pistol ammo are very good for Krieg there, i wouldn’t say required but the extra ammo are very welcome for obvious reasons ( more launcher ammo= more bloodbath = more destruction ). But bosses kinda need the extra dmg from elemental relics.
Pimpernel has insane dmg if used with BB and point blank. Consider using one because it is like a sniper shotgun that can three shot a UBA Loader at Op8 :slight_smile: