Krieg and melee bonuses

I know bladed guns don’t count(which actually has me mad because I literally kept the law on zero through normal and tvhm till I got that law and it was go to with deception), so when I got the law I figured out it doesn’t count, so what other melee bonuses can’t i take advantage of?

The Law and the Rapier still deal increased melee damage on Krieg regardless of his level. Any other weapon that has the 50 percent melee bonus will deal less damage than a regular melee attack after a certain level. The exception to this is if you have a roid damage boost active.

The bladed weapons don’t help you during BXR, but you can still use them outside of that if you’re interested in melee play. Just be aware that as Eel said, once you hit a certain level (47? 46? A little help here?) the weapons with a 50% melee boost actually make you do less damage than a normal melee swing. The Law (100%) and Rapier (200%) will still give you that boost.

Omg that’s awesome I can have my law back. On the talk of melee, what’s the highest kreigs melee can go?

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High enough to kill a slagged UBA in OP 8. You’ll need either a blue scream sickle with +6 StV & +5 EtR or a Legendary Sickle (adds more melee damage than a Scream Sickle) and this build. I skip Hellborn all-together and go with this build and a leg. sickle. Not only can it kick ass without slag, it also has a decent DR with Taste of Blood active.

Just remember that K puts all of his weapons away whenever you rampage and if you have Release the Beast specced, you do not want to rampage until it’s ready (33% health or less). I can keep pace with a Gaige who has 300+ anarchy stacks with this build.

Sky is the limit really. Only difficulty with Krieg is that he is atypical and it takes a lot of shedding certain habits. I’m certain you’ll snap in to it seamlessly over time.

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BXR base damage: 500%

Mania tree
Empty the Rage: 5/5=20%, 10/5=40%, 11/5=44% [10/5 with Legendary Sickle, 10/5 with Legendary Cyco]
Salt the Wound (1.5 per stack, max 20): 5/5=7.5% (max 150%) , 10/5=15% (max 300%), 11/5=16.5% (max 330%) [10/5 and 11/5 with purple Barbarian and Salt Meat class mods]
Silence the Voices: 5/5=250%, 10/5=500%, 11/5=550% [10/5 with Legendary Sickle, 11/5 with Rage Sickle]
Release the Beast: 1/1=100%

Bloodlust tree
Blood Overdrive: (0.5 per stack, max 100): 5/5=2.5% (max 250%), 10/5=5% (max 500%), 11/5=5.5% (max 550%) [10/5 with Legendary Reaper, 11/5 with purple Reaper/Blister class mods]

Hellborn tree
Pain is Power: 5/5= 25%, 10/5=50%, 11/5=55% [10/5 with Legendary Sickle, 11/5 with purple Toast]

Assuming that we’ll go melee K, I’ll consider we’re going to use Leg Sickle:

Buzz Axe Rampage 1/1: 500%
Empty the Rage 10/5: 300%
Silence the Voices 10/5: 500%
Releease the Beast: 100%
Blood Overdrive 5/5: 250%
Pain is Power 5/5: 25%

K’s melee damage can be as high as 1675%. That without a melee relic and Badass Rank (considering relic and BAR, can be really high, surpassing even 1750%)



Does anyone know if Krieg Melee Bonuses apply when he throws his Buzz Axe?

Thrown axes are considered as grenade AFAIK. I may be wrong.

Thrown axes benefit only from melee damage bonuses unless you have Buzzaxe Bombadier, in which case they also get grenade damage bonuses. Interestingly, getting a kill with a thrown axe dosen’t count as a melee kill

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Does the malay shield affect the throwing axe or just the melee close range axe? (I still don’t understand)

Blue Scream Sickle. Rage Sickle can go up to +6 EtR and +5 StV, while an SS is the opposite.

Blue Toast.

That I don’t know. Should be easy to test on the dummy: hit it with a buzz ax with your shield, break it, then hit it again to see if there’s any difference.