Krieg & Antagonist

Hi there fellow Vault Hunters

So i,m playing Krieg with the Antagonist a bit wich really is nice since i spec into Blood Overdrive aswell wich procs when Bullets get deflected by the Antagonist.

Tho i wonder , let,s say i spec into Bloodbath aswell , for ease let,s say 5 point,s wich can give Krieg a Max of 250 % Gundamage .

Now when a Bullet get,s reflected by the Antagonist Shield will it get this 250 % Bonus Gun Damage aswell on top of the 880 % Damage it has ?


This is a good question. Since reflected projectiles (Antagonist, Kinetic Reflection) act as bullets fired by the player, and as you mentioned about Blood Overdrive, Iā€™d say this is an almost certainty, though have never tested it to be absolutely sure.

If you have someone to help you, in particular an Axton as destroying his turrets in a duel count as kills for the purpose of kill skills, you could test this with some lower level weapons.


Thxk Slif , yes i think so 2

The Wiki states " Deflected bullets are considered to be shots fired by a Vault Hunter " , so i think the Shield does the extra Damage if you spec into Bloodbath ,stil not sure tho , you,re right , maybe a sort of test would be nice

Blood Overdrive will proc with the Shield , if you,re shot & it,s reflect thingie activates , it,s nice tho, since you don,t use a roid Shield in this Situation , Blood Overdrive can make up some Melee Damage


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