Krieg as first character?

I played the game a bit on my xbox with my son’s toon(Salvador), but I decided to buy the GotY edition and a couple dlc’s once I saw it was on sale on steam and it was available for mac.
I made a Krieg toon and I am at lvl 10 atm having fun but dying a lot. I decided to join an online game and ask a few questions and the majority of the responses were that Krieg sucks, it is a high level class(not sure what he meant by that), or that I should pick something else.
Is Krieg that bad? Or bad as a first character? Should I pick something else?

Thanks in advance.

Going to move you on over to the Krieg forum where our Krieg experts can more easily help you. :smiley:

Krieg is great, so get the idea that he sucks out of your mind. Those that say that don’t know what they’re talking about.

Some characters are just average early game, but really get into their own at higher level (usually because their capstone skills are very strong. That’s a bit the case with Krieg: Melee builds really get going once you get Release the beast and Silence the voice, Other builds benefit a lot from Bloodsplosion. Until you can get to those skills, Krieg will not be as efficient as he could be.

The only real question here is: are you having fun ?

if so, please ignore them.

It’s true that most of Krieg’s skills are a bit “high risk, high reward” and an experienced player will be more able to get the most out of him, so they are partially right: Krieg was not designed with a Beginner as a target audience.

I’m not telling you to not play him, but IMO, you should try them all before settling on one :slight_smile:

Don’t listen to the uneducated masses, Krieg is a very good character to play if you understand his strengths and weaknesses.

Try this spec. When your shield is depleted, activate your action skill and go to town. Max out Empty the Rage next, then take Fuel the Rampage. When you hit the capstone (level 31), decide if you want to continue playing a melee character or switch to Hellborn. If it’s the former, I’d go with this.


Krieg may be hard to get at the very beginning, but as the guys said, when you get the first capstone of the Mania tree, things can go meaty, bloody and crazy.
And when you take him to 72. Well, things go even crazier xD

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Thank you :smile:

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Thank you all for the time helping a noob :smile:
I am having lots of fun with Krieg (and the stuff that comes out of his mouth … :slight_smile: ) but was unsure about the class after reading what others said ingame. The only things that bug me atm, is the 2 min special skill cooldown and not being able to find a leveling guide (gear, weapons, builds).

Thanks again for the help.


everything’s here.

Community Guide and the Top Gear thread

Until you’re at lv 31 and want to go the melee-route, I’d recommend using fuel the rampage to shorten your couldown. As soon as you get Release the Beast, respec into Embrace the Pain instead of Fuel the Rampage. Health issues in between of Rampages could be solved by transfusion grenades, but they aren’t really nessessary.

You’ll find people who say this about every class (except maybe Sal, he gets significantly less of this flak).[quote=“biofobico, post:1, topic:1150865”]
it is a high level class(not sure what he meant by that)

Krieg’s power comes primarily from his capstones. RtB is one of the best survival skills in the game. Its an on demand 3 or 4 seconds of invincibility whenever your health is low, along with full health per kill.

Bloodsplosion is one of those skills that can kill raid bosses on its own.

Even Raving Retribution can make Krieg nigh immortal when combined with Elemental Empathy.[quote=“biofobico, post:1, topic:1150865”]
Or bad as a first character?
If you aren’t used to borderlands skill tress it may be a difficult road, but he’s still manageable as a first character. Especially if you haven’t played played too many FPS games, as Krieg’s skills ignore quite a few of the conventional FPS rules.

As for weapons and builds, just keep your eye out for the slowhand, heartbreaker, kittens, or other elemental moxxi guns (her weapons work damn well on Krieg) if you’re going hellborn.
For any other build, you should check the top gear (which is going under a bit of reconstruction at the moment) for some ideas on what may work.

It’s what this place is for. Everyone here was a noob, once, too.


I’m still a noob.

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We’re all still someone else’s noob.

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I have a lot to learn about grenade and weapon buffs. And what and what not procs BB.

Yep. I’m a noob still.

Strange, I don’t recall ever being a noob…

Well I’m level 18 atm, still have bad gear/weapons, still die a lot (due most of the times to my poor combat awereness) , but I am having lots of fun :smile:

Thank you all once again.


That’s because you still are. Noobs don’t know they’re noobs until someone with a superiority complex points it out.

Hey wait…


Raise your hand those who are noobs

X raise his hand in a shy way

It’s worth noting that Bloodlust is fairly forgiving on gear quality with Bloodbath if you’re having trouble keeping decent gear on-level.

@xmngr sorry I can’t, i’m pro,

I still consider myself a BIG noob to be honest when it comes to K.