Krieg build help please

I recently started playing as krieg and i need help with the build, im going with mania and bloodlust and im not sure what skills i should put points in. I tried Light the fuse and its decent, i use SMGS shotguns snipers and rpgs. Could someone link their build or help me out, thanks.

For early krieg you need some form of healing until you reach lvl 30, hellborn krieg is way better and fun as you rely more on guns. You are a tank as long as you use fire or corrosive guns to apply dots to activate elem empathy for massive constant healing.

Check out the oldforum for hellborn build.

Best gears rough rider, leg torch, slag nades, bone relics, plasma caster, hornet, blockhead, cc or interfacer.
The first tree you want blood bath, second salt the wound, last elem empathy. The rest of the skills you can google ‘krieg skill guides oldforum’.

I recommend this thread: Starting out as Krieg - Some pointers?