Krieg build help

I recently started playing as krieg and i need help with the build, im going with mania and bloodlust and im not sure what skills i should put points in. I tried Light the fuse and its decent, i use SMGS shotguns snipers and rpgs. Could someone link their build or helo me out, thanks.

What level are you?

Also @DomNation is THE man to ask!

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Thanks for the nice words Matt, but I’m really just another Krieg nerd here on these boards. :smile:

@Kifflom: be sure to check out this thread. Personally I always started out with Mania as per my post in there, but as some other people suggested there starting out with Bloodlust probably makes things slightly easier for you in normal mode where Krieg can be a little difficult to play at first.

If you have any other questions or doubts just fire away…

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Im level 28 but yeah dom helped.

@DomNation i loved how you showed your build per every couple of levels, i just have one question, for krieg would thrill of the kill benefit him at higher levels?

I’m glad it helped man. Be sure to check out Maveco’s suggestion too if you plan on going all hellborn first, but as soon as you can get Release the Beast get it by all means.

Thrill of the kill always works well as a skill regardless of level, however most people will tell you once you have Release the Beast it’s pointless, because you’ll use that for healing once your health drops beneath 33 % and don’t need any other form of healing outside of your action skill most of the times.
This is true, but I personally still find myself putting one point into it even on a melee build whenever I want to extend the times between Release the Beast cycles a bit (to enjoy both gunplay and my action skill), but as a Krieg starter you probably want to use Release the Beast all the time anyway.

For a gun oriented build (Bloodlust/Hellborn) it’s an amazing skill to have, along with 5/5 in Feed the Meat and 5/5 in Embrace the Pain.

Speaking personally, Hellborn is really awkward to manage in the early levels. I found or at least until you can get Elemental Empathy, which takes some of the sting off.

On that basis, if you do choose to go down the Hellborn route, Blood Filled Guns is a must, early doors, purely because it’ll help save your ass in FFYL as you won’t have to reload every two seconds.

Alright thanks i decided to max out thrill of the kill with release the beast

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I keep messing up my RtBs due to Thrill of the kill linking TOO well with Bloodsplosion.

I’ve avoided doing so since then.

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