Krieg class mods needed (lv72)

I’m in need of the legendary krieg class mods at lv72 not OP8


I have that. PSN ID: Dr_Do-Little

Request sent

Just saw that. Waiting in Sanctuary.

Wow! Thanks! Not sure when I’ll make it “up there” but it sure will be nice to have it.
Sorry. Had to go.

It’s okay, I can help you get to OP8 if you can get me the sickle or reaper? And level as long as it’s about 72 or OP1/2

I have a level 67 Legendary Reaper with the maximum 99%, and also a level 72 Legendary Sickle, if you’re still looking.

Gee. Totally forgot about the other two.

You’ll be better with that one. Mine is OP2 but only 55%.
I have Leg Sickle is OP1, 52% melee.
Just send me a message if you’re to drop in. Not always in front of the tv.