Krieg Collectible Figure - Fan Sculpture

(Daniel Mercer Art) #1

KRIEG collectible figure maquette
by Daniel Mercer Art

Below were works in progress near completion:

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #2

Ooh, I like that! That’s very cool. They’ve pretty much nailed the appearance.

(Daniel Mercer Art) #3

Thanks @axlerate!

(Super Badass Constructor ) #4

I must like this masterpiece, when I get my likes back in 3 hours lol

(Berserker) #6

That is awesome.

(AceGoober) #7

Very impressive! Excellent attention to detail and quality.

(The Bonerfart) #8

I like that so much I had to make a post stating that I liked it

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #9


Wonderfull sculpt- and paintjob, motivates me to continue my own Krieg sculpture^^

(Legendary Punzerker) #10

Oh. Ohhh… How am I just now finding this?!

This is amazing and I’m sending to the team because awesome Krieg sculpture. o_0

(Daniel Mercer Art) #11

Thanks a lot @Ganjamira! Cool to hear your motivated now to finish you own! You should share it here when its done!

(Daniel Mercer Art) #12

Thanks @JoeKGBX!! Thatd be awesome! Let me know what they think! :smile:

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #13

No problem! Its really amazing how you captured his hulky movement pattern in a sculpture!
I definately will do that. For now I already shared my 3D Kieg Pendant :smile:
-> Torgue vs Shark and other Madness - My Fanarts

(Oh Crap Its Payne) #14

You gonna sell this/make more?