KRIEG Collectible Figure

KRIEG collectible figure maquette by [ Daniel Mercer Art][1]
(is it ok to post this in multiple forum categories as long as its relevant to the category? read the rules but wasnt sure)

Below were works in progress near completion: [1]:


The most badass of the badassitude.
Hell yeah, great work mate, really.

(How much $$$ for one?)

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I must be a weirdo, but i prefer the figurine when it is unpainted…

Also i would have put the BuzzAxe in his right hand, Krieg is right handed and use the Buzz Axe from his left hand only in special cases (StV when using a gun, all other occurences are in the right hand).

Still nicely badass !

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He is pointing at his head with his right. Something tells me Krieg is moments away from giving himself a morning smack.

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Better than coffee!

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Thanks for the feedback @Neumeusis!

Borderlands 3: Pre-order for 1200$ for your own Krieg Figure and Meat Bicycle, supplies are limited and will most likely be bought out by e-bay reselling scumbags.

Still, it looks pretty damn badass, the Axe could use some paint, would be amazing if you made more in different poses, like one for Light the Fuses, one for Release the Beast, one for Silence the Voices, one for Raving Retribution etc. Still, outstanding work.

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Thanks @oeeshik!