Krieg Digistruct Peak in 15m26s

(kbk160008) #1


Why Psycho is so powerful.





This is my first run with less than 20 minutes, satisfying this play condition. It is tricky that time records are subordinated to the composition of the emerging enemies. If one day luck is better, It can be achieved in… I don’t know. 15mXXs?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #2

Hey nicely done.

Submit your 17 minute run in the time trials. It is good for 3rd place i think.


(kbk160008) #3

Wow.really?What is 1st record?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #4

For Krieg is 13:59, here it is.

I’m telling you, if you drop of your restrictions you will dominate the time trials. :wink::wink:

(kbk160008) #5

13m59s. Amazing. I did 15m26s about 2h ago with several FFYL. It can be 2nd? …Hmm… And I think It is very hard to reach the 1st record even if I drop it.

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Yeah before too much use of Norfleet is unacceptable in DP runs.

(kbk160008) #7

It has specific rules. I need to check it once.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #8

I think your runs is okay. Mostly glitches is not acceptable as well as exploits only PC players can do like weapon dropping with hot keys.

Norfleet usage is only limited to second winds and flying enemies that is why that i think that run above might be questionable since he uses a lot of norfleet.

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O.K. I got it. Thank you for giving me the information.:slightly_smiling_face:

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This guy use Norfleet often? Is this O.K?

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #11

That Scorch kill is enough to disqualify that run in my opinion. Up to that point it was just barely acceptable.

Honestly, I agree your run is much better and deserves to be in the Time Trials.

(kbk160008) #12

Oh. Thanks. You think so.:slightly_smiling_face: Qualifying is a bit ambiguous.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #13

he use norfleet to take out scorches, black queens, boneheads, four assassins and saturns. Which I think is too much.

(kbk160008) #14

Is that so? Almost same as mine. But I surprised his Flakker usage. I did not though the way he use.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #15

Fire the flakker, and swap back and forth to skip the reload animation.

If it is accepted, they will accept your run as well. Maybe they give some leeway on krieg since he is very difficult to speed run the Peak.

(kbk160008) #16

It seems that there are aspects that are adjusted by people’s opinions. Interesting.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #17

I think it is a hot topic back then on the time when they are formulating the rules like, why is pimp/ahab a glitch, and some damage swap a glitch; why is gaige with anarchy and a norfleet banned.
while drunk norfleet not, grog swapping not also a glitch as well as crit swapping.

I think it is a majority decision on what to consider a glitch or not.

(kbk160008) #18

I think people wanted to know what the player really is. They would think that by banning those elements, they would be able to reveal their true talents. But this game is more complicated than other FPS, so it is hard to make such a rule clear.:thinking: