Krieg DLC is insanely short

I could’ve beat it in an small afternoon instead of the normal days. The side quests were even 2 minutes long at most on average.
I was so hyped up and I feel like I got a shallow version that just teased krieg instead of a fully realized story staring krieg.
Am I the only one or is there more after vault-hala that I haven’t reached yet?


it’s just short…

be it the pandamic going on but even then… i think people wouldn’t mind if they said they where postponing it due to covid… if that gave us a bigger DLC

played (and still replay) DLC 1&2 a lot… 3&4 i just don’t realy care for that much


Perhaps some wouldn’t mind. But some others would and start some potential problems with customer complaints (and perhaps lawsuits?), since it was stated and advertised that Season Pass includes 4 campaign DLCs and it all will be released within one year after the release of the main game.


that’s true but nobody seen the pandemic comming :wink:
but allas, you’re right and i also thought about it (but being somewhat naive that people would actualy have a heart and at least give them some slack on that point)

and also… the game is still a mess hahahaha they gave us what they said… they never said the game would be the best they could actualy make hahahaha :rofl:

i for one would rather wait for a great game they promised instead of getting a half baked pile of bugs they try glueing together as they go allong because they promised to give us the game hahahaha

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it’s not only that, there’s probably some deal or contract with the publisher as well, so failing to deliver a product or following part of it might have some consequences


indeed :frowning: it’s hurting the game and it REALY shows :frowning:

this game could be so much more if only they could take the time to listen to the community and not be bound by some money hungry entity

oh well, maybe one day the game will be what it’s supposed to be from the start


Contract with the publisher and the end of the one year/4 dlc season pass probably “explain” it.
Main story was fine imo but the placeholder side quests really hurt. I just replay it with my fourth character and it sadden me every time I come across one.

While Covid certainly played a part I don’t think it’s the only reason we’ve been served an unfinished product. As a customer I would had understand if they had stated side quest will added later on. Instead we got the announcement of a fourth skill tree not covered by the season pass…


I just finished, back to back, Bounty of Blood and The Fantastic Fustercluck.

I’ve done nearly all the side quests in Fuster and, I think, 2 in Bounty.

OMG, it feels like Fuster is about a third the size of the other DLCs (and maybe double? the size of the old headhunter packs).

I WILL, however, say that I enjoyed all three DLC quite a bit and all of them better than the base game. The story of Fuster was good, IMO, and I liked both the quests and sidequests…there just wasn’t much of it.

Other than the shortness of Fuster, the bullet sponginess of the bosses was irritating, especially the “evil” characters, the train, and the final boss. They weren’t HARD, and their mechanics weren’t a challenge. I mostly just stood still and shot them for many many minutes and then they died.

I was particularly irritated by the final boss. I ran out of multiple types of ammo fighting it (shotgun, SMG and pistol) and then would die…so I went back to Sanctuary and got ammo generating gear and beat it the first time.

I’m not a fan of “time sink” bosses that don’t actually present a challenge beyond “it has so many hp that it takes a LOONG time to kill”.


i wouldve been happy with that! krieg is my fav bl2 VH. i feel like he got done dirty for this dlc. it felt more hollow than his enemies after buzz axe rampage

agreed way too tiny for a full dlc release

the evil characters started out with great potential but lost it super quick during the first fight lol. brick n mordy got tiring so quick.

yah bullet sponges are awful he didnt even had a backstory or lore just angry attacks. i also hate how hed kill the enemies I needed to kill when im ffml

if you get him to destroy pillars he gives you ammo and after you kill the enemies hiding inside it.

same here


Maybe the boss like Eclipse/EOS from Claptastic Voyage was really a great success and was widely praised? :smiley: But I don’t remember that.

That Eclipse/EOS boss was nice but at times felt like a raid boss which is fine, compared to that, BL3 bosses are lol even if they have more movement and more things to throw at you.
But yeah, TPS was a nice Borderlands game (Which also brought a lot of elements to BL3, just not the difficulty)

On-topic, I’m disappointed with the Krieg DLC, played through it once, it had a few decent moments like the portal hopping and the madness but overall it was too short and not rewarding in terms of items (I want my Jakobs…)

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Yea I was sarcastic about Eclipse/EOS. The problem with it is that it was an immense bullet sponge even in Normal Mode, what’s up with that. All DLC is like fine difficulty wise, and then suddenly in the end you get a “raid” boss instead of a normal one.

I guess it was really hard to make two versions of it like they did with Sentinel in the main game.

Anyway, “Gearbox idea of difficulty is making bullet-sponges” I think is a critique that I’ve seen ever since BL2 was released. I guess not much has changed really in these 8 years, really.


Don’t see a problem with “Bullet sponges” if you don’t take into account farming them afterwards in such a loot oriented game.
Try to NOT go for OP builds on end boss on Krieg DLC, see how fun it is, though, maybe it’s not fun for you, but don’t think about it for a moment in a way that you have to farm him afterwards but rather, there’s a boss, you have to kill it. When you finally kill it, you can relax and realize that you’ve done it, you made it to the end and beat it.

Well in bl2 that was only raid bosses, and they were specifically hyped up as being something more than a regular boss.

They had so much health because you weren’t supposed to take them on alone, but as a whole group. Each of them had a mechanic that made it far far more difficult if you didn’t have a teammate to give you second winds, so it made sense to only tackle them in groups.

Then when you get an OP build or get really good, you’re able to do them solo, but that’s not the expectation or the norm.

But if you meant OP levels, well when you get good enough most enemies aren’t even that bad.
The game had a lot of options/interactions. There are people that can speed kill raid bosses even on op8, so OP levels really weren’t that bad/impossible.

I went back to borderlands 2 after I quit this game, and made some builds that can blow through content on OP 8, its a blast. But it still requires skill, which is what makes it fun.

Practically every Bl3 boss was a slog for no dang reason. well at first. but then again most of them were so bad I never went back to farm them even when i had better gear…

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