Krieg Hellborn the Invincible. DLC release!

“These…Vault Hunters stood by and watched the pretty lady die. And they did nothing to stop it These cowards that they are…the pasty cakes will burn! I’LL SCRAPE THEIR FACES FROM UNDER MY FINGERNAILS, I’LL PUT MY PAIN INTO THEIR SOOOU-”

[No, it’s not their fault, they tried to stop it…they… they were just about t-]


[Okay, okay, I can’t argue with that but let’s level here, at least they avenged the pretty ladies death, right? Right?]

“Somebody open me up and put out the fire in my belly… Put it out with knives and bullets and strangling, or I will eat your nephews”

[Yes, the Calypsos are dead. Maya has been avenged. It’s over.]

"And then when the rabid moon met the blood sky they had the NERVE TO TAKE MY BLOODY MEAT MALLET!!?

Nobody steals my bloody meat mallet! The Calypso’s were MINE TO KILL!!! MINE!!!


[Oh no, here we go.]

'I’m gonna kill you all, I’m gonna kill your friends and your family, I’m gonna track down your grandparents and turn them inside-out, nobody can stop the blood train that will turn your loved ones into a red splatter across the tracks of humanity!
NOBODY STEAL MY GLORIOUS BLOOD BATH! I’m coming for you Vault Hunters! You’ve woke the wrong dog!

[Listen to me buddy-]


Krieg smacks self in the face with Buzzaxe


Shifting into a mutant


Dude it would be so rad to have Krieg as a raid boss. The whole dlc could be about Krieg finally uniting Pandora’s Psychos under one banner of madness. With the sole purpose to stalk and kill the current Vault Hunters for “letting Maya die and stealing his revenge kill(s)”

I know according to the echos In BL3 that he is somewhat regaining his sanity back but with the death of Maya and him coming so far, what if Krieg just said, “■■■■ it all? I’m gonna Bloodsplode Pandora and everything on it, especially the Vault Hunter’s for not saving Maya and for then steal my vengeance.”?

Maybe have a moment where Tiny Tina almost gets through to him to calm him down but Claptrap shows up and says something stupid af at the last moment that sends Krieg back into a blood rage?

Perhaps Krieg has an epic cutscenes battle against Brick but right when it looks like Krieg will be subdued he Releases the Beast and kills all the slabs and gravely injures Brick(but Brick is fine, Tannis and Ned fix him up).

Maybe the raid could be with all the main characters there and as you finally whittle down Kriegs health bar(no sheild because that’s how Rough Riders roll)he comes out of mutant form and instead of killing him, instead as he’s laying there bloodied and broken and near death, he finds his sanity? He realizes that it wasn’t just the pretty lady that cares for him but all the crimson raiders love him, especially Tina. Maybe he could live and go back to being the good guy bounty Hunter(with a HUGE ARM lol)…

Or Maybe Ava really is his daughter and it takes her finally telling him for him to chill the ■■■■ out for him to shake the blood rage out of his head and calm down?

I dunno, just something I’d like to see.

Whadda you guys think? Help me make it better.


Kill Ava in the DLC.And WTF is a bloody meat mallet?

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You have to have played Krieg to know the way he talks. He’s my favorite Borderlands charcter and in my top 10 fictional characters ever.


great write up again.


But he is the conductor of the … forget it its gonna be ■■■■ anyway :rofl:


Thanks. I’ve got tons of fanfiction I’ve written all mainly about Krieg and before he met Maya and became a crimson raiders but after the Hyperian experiment on him. Just him adventuring through the wastelands of Pandora. It’s called ‘Eternal Rampage’.


too long, didnt even bother starting


Im not gonna say I read every word lmao, but I am definitely down for giving our favorite twisted Vault Hunter the boss treatment. He is certainly gonna lose his ■■■■ when he finds out Maya is dead and gone and so is the guy who killed her. They could spin this into his BLOOOOOOD FEEEEEUD against the Children of the Vault (he sure TF aint uniting with them lmfao), the Crimson Raiders follow his path of indiscriminate destruction since he is their responsibility, and ultimately have no choice but to put him down like a rabid dog. His dying words would of course be his inner voice coming out in front of another person for the first and last time since his transformation.

I dunno if I’d go full raid boss–maybe a separate raid boss version like Eridium Krieg or some such–but he’d be a proper DLC campaign end boss w buttloads of health and his wild arsenal of VH skills (unlike Aurelia and her frost shard gimmick; she’s a master sniper and fought us in melee range lmfao). He’d be like an enraged Goliath killing adds if they come too close which cause bloodsplosions, while tossing explosive buzz axes and pulling out a Torgue weapon at medium range, and with devastating melee attacks at close range. Then there could be a separate Hellborn phase where he self-immolates, starts breathing fire and launching homing fireballs when you shoot him (in lieu of those annoying immune phases). The potential for a classic BL bossfight against the real Ultimate Badass Psycho is very high.


Oh man, I love it!

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Definitely not something I’d want. I hate raid bosses. And I like the redemptive aspect of Krieg. If he was going to be the core theme of some DLC content as well as the final boss, I’d rather see something like the VR side quest in Ascension Bluff. Journey inside Krieg’s head to save his sanity.


Honestly I’d be all for this. It’d be an intense boss fight, that’s for sure, and I love me some angst. A campaign around this might even be a good chance to redeem the… let’s be generous call it lackluster, handling of Maya’s death.

And technically, if you did it as a campaign as opposed to a raid boss, you wouldn’t have to kill him. We’ve had bosses where we technically only subdued as opposed to kill, so I could see a boss fight along with a recovery.

Basically, it’s the same purpose as Tina’s DLC, but showing grief handled in a different way.


Hells yeah! That’s exactly my mindset. Redemption for Krieg and Maya(and her exceptionally lame death).

The theme and lesson would be about Krieg trying to deal with grief the only way he knows how, blood and rage but ultimately, with the help of the remaining cast and the new vault hunters he finds redemption(hopefully before it’s too late-Ihes my favorite, I don’t want him to die, not like this anyways).

Also, it would give me the player a chance to redeem myself for not doing nothing(NOTHING) to prevent Maya’s death(sorry but
that cutscene had horrible immersion and pissed me off)

Maya’s dying is acceptable but our player characters should have had a chance to fight beside her, in a boss battle style and even if we lost the battle and Maya died, it would have gave me the feeling that at least did SOMETHING…at least I tried. At the very least covered for Ava to escape) I just felt ■■■■■■■ helpless there.

It was a horrible feeling to be locked in a cutscene with no choices to even say anything…

I know the story had to move forward but they need storywriters/game designers to use a little more finesse to convey emotion.

Sorry rambling


That could be cool. Kinda like Claptastic Voyage but with a psycho hellscape to navigate!

Would give Borderlands players a chance to actually slay demons (inside Krieg’s mind)!


You’re good! I love talking about the writing and hypotheticals.

Honestly I agree on all fronts- I overall loved the story, but how Maya was handled… it was just depressing, and not from a narrative standpoint.

I definitely hope for a DLC to make up for it, and with the Echoes we got from Krieg, I’m interested to see if they do something with him.





I loved every single word of your OP SOOOO MUCH!

Krieg is mah fav meatboi / meatbae too!


Don’t blame ya. It was too long for me to write. I just copypasta it from the cesspool of my brain and uploaded sub-cranially. Call me lazy.

Also what’s up @Gulfwulf, I remember you from posting around from the older days!



@Gulfwulf is one of the best old boys!

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I do not hink Krieg should be a boss/villiain. I mean that would be an extreme downfall for him as he has been trying to pull himself out of that deep dark abyss.

Sure let him go kill some of the Calypso followers as we know there will still be some. However I think Krieg should be talked to (by Tina as she understands him badedwon the echo) and convinced that With Lilith and Maya gone and Brick and Mordy busy elsewhere that Sanctuary (and it’s 2 non-battle ready/capable Sirens) now need a guardian. Besides I think somebody skilled with fighting his own demons and focusing his inner rage would be a good choice for that job.

Also while Tannis will of course be guiding and advicing Ava like she did with Lilith, I think the man who loved and was very protective of Maya would make the best Protector for her apprentice/succesor.

Besides, imagine the unique battle skills Ava as a Siren would bring to the team with Maya’s training and powers, if you ad Bounty hunter and psycho training from Krieg to that mix.

However I do miss the unique Krieg-speak. So I hope he still adds a bunch of that to his grammar and mannerisms even if he is no longer a fully crazed psycho when/if he returns.


Oh, not much, just been enjoying BL 3. I’m still waiting to see if things like the master build lists, skill reviews, and top gear threads will be making a comeback or if our “glory days” are gone.